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The heart is for human kind


Recently I was with one of my friends. We were having a great time together and somehow through our conversation we came to a point where we ended up talking about love. We always love to hear and talk about each other’s love stories. In a good way of course! At a point of time, my friend asked me the following question:


“What is your best love story?’


Well! Here is the thing! The way the question was set up is in a pretty simply way. But the reality is that it is much more complicated to me when it comes to that question. The reason is simply because I have had a lot of love stories. However I decided to answer the question.


The story here is about the time when I was in boarding school. The situation in boarding school is when you stay in the school for few months before holidays then we will be allowed to go back home. During that time I met a girl not to say ‘the’ girl. Her name was Aphrodite!

Aphrodite and I had this kind of connection that was really undeniable. Her friends will always tease her about the fact that we will never be able to stay away from each other. The connection was that clear. If there is something going on with me, it can be that I am in a bad mood or sick, she will know it instantly without me saying anything and it was vice versa. This is a connection that I haven’t found again to be honest.


We would meet every day in class and spend the day together. Despite this we will spend the night talking through the phone as well. The good thing was that we never ran out of words. There was one thing that was unique with us. Every night we would send each other a note on a piece of paper. We would tear pieces of paper from our books and write our notes. The notes went through our best friends. I would give the note to her best friend and she would give her note to my best friend. And we were doing this every day. Sometimes our friends would just tell us to give them the note. They were used to it already.


There is one day; I was so angry that I did not write her a note. The next day we were fine though. And I could see through her face that she cried all night. Eventually I had to apologise to her and start over again. From that point we never have a fight again. We never woke up angry at each other again. Every day when I saw her, I was falling in love again. I was falling in love everyday people! If I could turn back time, I would go back there again. I could never imagine living without her. Aphrodite was just unbelievably awesome.


But as every good thing has to have an end, mine also reached its ending point. I had to leave the country for study. I was very sad about it but we were saying to ourselves that we would get through it. We were very confident that we would make it. Where many others failed, we were saying that we would succeed. Unfortunately we failed too. Our love was not strong enough and it is a very sad situation. When I went to Australia, everything changed. I had a lot of new friends and new activities. I was so busy that I did not have enough time for myself talk less of for her.


So, I realised I disappointed her and I had to let go. One thing that I am sure of is that distance did not kill our relationship. The things that killed our relationship were silence and lack of consideration for one another. But until today I have all the notes that she has sent to me and I am sure that she has mine as well. The good thing however is that until today we are very good friends despite the fact that our breakup was rough. Aphrodite is someone that whenever I need her she will be there for me. It can be good times as well as bad times she will always be there. And I am there for her anytime she needs me. Now we both have moved on with our life. It is very sad to see her with someone else. What I can say is hard for me to say it but I have to get it off my chest.



“I wasn’t man enough.”