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The heart is for human kind

Be Nice

Everything always happen at the right time. Sometimes just by looking at each other we conclusively say that this particular fellow is like this or is like that. We directly draw our own conclusion without knowing what is going on behind the scene.

Very often we see people with a smile as bright as the day and we say that this person is a very happy person. The truth is that we never know what lies behind that smile. Maybe that particular person is smiling just to please the people around him or her. It can be that the person is fighting something in his or her head. 

On the other hand side also there are people who look sad or angry at the first place but at the end of the day, once you talk to that person you get to know what the issue is and help him or her to fix it. Sometimes also you don't need to know what the problem is but you just need to be there and you will enlighten the day of that particular person.

For sure there are days where we feel lively and very outgoing. There are also days where we feel sad, angry or lazy. But the thing here is that no matter in what mood we find ourselves in, we just have to remember that nothing last forever. So appreciate the fact that you still have emotions. Life would be boring without emotions. This is for sure. The other thing also is that as human beings we should always watch onto one another. We should not downgrade or irritate our neighbor or anybody around us. Instead of being mean to the people around us, I believe that we should be nice to them. If we grow kindness, for sure we will harvest kindness. So keep in mind that if you are nice with the people around you at least one of them will be as twice as nice as you.