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The heart is for human kind

Believe in yourselves

Everything happens for a reason they say! I am still wondering what can be the reason and I haven't find an answer yet. Sometimes when I think about I say maybe things happen for a reason for real but on the other hand I say to myself that we have to make things happen. We have to fight for what we want. I believe that we are the only one in charge of our present life or destiny.

Despite the fact that we can take charge of our lives though, it is also true that even in this circumstancce, everything happens for a reason. The reason maybe simply that we are working so hard to get the car and house that we always wanted. The reason maybe simply that we only want to find love and build a happy family. Honestly there are a lot of reasons why we want to make things happen. But unfortunately, we tend to forget what we really want along the way. We tend to forget about our dreams and adjust ourselves to our current reality not knowing that we are killing the hopes and dreams of a kind deep down inside of our heart. We are so flexible as a society that when the time comes for us to look at ourselves in a mirror, we say to ourselves

"who are you?"

It can be hard to follow our dreams for sure. It will never be easy because nothing good comes easy. But sometimes, you got to take risks. In everything that we do there is a risk. I really mean this! We have the risk of losing and winning. Whether losing or winning though we have to keep focus on where we are going and what we want and try not to hurt anybody along the way. We tend to stop as long as we are losing or as long as we lost. The reality though is that while we are losing, we are winning unknowingly. Sometimes we are aware of that as well. It depends on people. But my point here is that when we lose, we are experiencing and learning something new. It can be emotional as well as financial or both. When we are used to different kind of failures and emotions, this is when we can filter how to approach the next challenge or the same challenge but this time without the mistakes that we did during the first time.

So keep fighting no matter what the situation is. You may call me dillusional but I will never discourage someone to follow his or her dreams. When we look around us, we will notice that the happiest people are those who have followed their dreams and in most cases, they are very successful at what they do. So why not you? I believe that we all can do it. It doesn't matter what is the size of your dream. What matters is that you follow where your heart wants you to go and that you enjoy what you are doing. when you enjoy what you are doing, you tend to be much more effective at the same time.

It really makes me sad when I see people saying that they do not love their jobs or they don't like doing what they are doing. We live in a free world people! We are all here to be happy and do great things. Both works together. I believe that all of us have something in which we are very good at not to say perfect. All we need to do is find what it is and start from there. As long as we are alive, it's never too late. Believe in yourselves and I believe in you.