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College Different Personalities

Going to college is a really nice thing as you are in the pre adult zone. You will enjoy it a lot trust me. You will change more than ever. You will get to know a lot of new people as well as a new perspective when it comes to life. I’ve met a lot of people who share all different visions when it comes to lifestyle. I do not really feel that comfortable talking about it but I will share my experience with you guys.


The first person that I met was a girl. For her, life needs to be lively. She parties a lot as well. We would go to the club, have alcohol in excess and so on. We would party to a level as if tomorrow will never come. When I say party in every sense I mean it. Eventually after a while we both made our own way.


The second person I can recall was the perfect one. The perfect one in the sense that everything she does has to be perfect. What I am trying to say was that she was a perfectionist. In class, she had her pens, phone and water always at the same angle. She would always tie my shoelaces in the right way. Bring me lunch at 11 o’clock every single day. At the beginning it was fun but after some time it did not work pretty well so we decided to move on with our lives.


The third person that I met was a guy. He was the kind of sporty guy. And I was fine with that. He was following his diets, going to the gym and running everyday. It was really awesome. But the thin was that my friend loved his sports so much to the extent that it was his only subject of conversation. Hum! Again here after a while I felt that I needed something new.


Here comes my favorite. I met her in the library. Her name was Amanda. Amanda is the most polite person I have ever known. She is very smart as well. But the thing is that she is too smart. Amanda always had something to say. She does not talk like us in a casual conversation! Her approach was in a more of like rating and statistical conversation. Even in term of sex. Well! As you can imagine, I had to let go. I love studying and learning new stuffs buy I like to balance things.


The other person that I can recall being close to was a religious one if I am not mistaken. If I were drinking one can of beer, he would preach me and read the bible to me. In a sense it is good to have some self-discipline in life and to be a believer. But on the other hand you will never be able to control everybody’s lifestyle. However the good thing is that he is trying.


The last person that I have met as well is girl. This girl, you do not know whether she is hitting on you or not. She does everything a girlfriend should do with her boyfriend but she is still your friend. She will enjoy your company, date you, play games with you and so much more.


Now, I am not really close to anybody. But those people that I have mentioned above are all amazing people. I am not saying that I am perfect here. I am far from being perfect. I am just sharing how college experience has been to me so far. I enjoy the companionship of all these people. The thing that is in my mind right now is to meet these people ten years from now in the near future and see our evolutions. See how things have changed if there is anything that has changed!


If you get the chance to go and study abroad for college, you should give it a go. You would be surprised how much things you will learn. How many different things you will experience and see. There is so much more to say about it.

Hmmm!!! Just try it if you get the chance.