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Differences between Men and Women

Differences between men and women are sometimes very obvious. Despite the fact that there are individual differences, men and women have certain character traits that distinguishes them. Without generalising, today we are going to break this down people! haha!

  • "Going to bathroom"

one of the most common characteristic that we can see with women during parties mostly, it is the fact that they will go to bathroom in group. They seldom go there alone when there is a party. 

Men on the other hand, they can pee almost everywhere when they are in parties. They can do the job on the roof, near the toilet or at the gate. haha! the job can be done anywhere. lol! But it takes few beers as well to reach that level!

  • "throwing up at parties"

If a woman throws up in a party, her friends and the other women most of the time will be considerate towards her. They will give her tissue, water and the neccessary care. They will take very good care of her.

But for men it is another story. haha! They will tease the friend who faced that misfortune. They will ask him to learn how to drink and they will give him all kind of weird names such as dog treat or anything that is not good to hear. well, it is a mean world but that's the way it goes.

  • "expecting your crush at home"

This one is really my favourite. lol! when a woman is expecting a man at home for the first time, she will be busy doing her make up, ironing her dress and taking good care of herself so that she is at the top of herself when her crush reach her domicile.

On the other side, well! You will get to see the man washing the dishes, cleaning the whole house and puting the all the rubish such as empty bottles, the old box of pizza, the old sandwich in a big rubbish bag. It is really funny to look at! When the crush reach home, she will get to use a shiny bathroom, a clean kitchen and a tidy bedroom.

  • "getting haircuts"

A man will get his haircut for ten bucks at the barber shop of the corner and he will be very satistied with it. The difference will be very obvious as well.

Whereas a woman will get her harcut for around hundred bucks and sometimes they won't be satisfied with it. Sometimes the difference will not even be that obvious. However it is good that they feel that they are better with their new haircut and they really are.

  • "Nick Names"

When two women meet, they will call each other by their real names or in a short form like for instance: hi Jenny and the other one will be like hi Jane.

Men cannot do that! Cannot do it at all! Mostly if they are very close. You will hear all kind of weird names like son of dog or cat food. I guarantee you the name won't be nice to hear. Take note that here I am not going towards the craziest names. I am sure that you get what I mean!

  • "Getting ready to go out"

when a man is going out for a wedding, for work or for any other outing, men are able to be ready in roughly fifteen to twenty minutes. Here, I am even extending the time frame.

Women on the other hand, they will take more time than that. They will take a long shower, try few clothes before deciding on one, wear their make up, try different shoes and then yell at you because they will be late if you take more time. Well! Judge by yourself.

Note that everything that is being said here does not put everybody in the same situation. But it is not bad to look at these differences sometimes and laugh about them. I hope that you really enjoyed it and feel free to give your thoughts.