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Enjoy Life

Being in this world can be really crazy at times. There are moments when we feel low, we let go and we think that everything is against us. Life is hard for sure. At times we are broke and at times we are all caught up in our daily worries. But we need to remind ourselves that after the storm always come the sunshine. Let's be optimistic and positive. Today i want to make you realise that no matter how lonely we feel, no matter how broke we feel, no matter how down we feel, we must always hope for the best and tell to ourselves that there is something great that is coming to us.

These days, some of us are having the stress of the exams, some are us are having financial issues and some of us are having family and emotional worries. Everybody has their own worries in one way or the other. We should not allow those things to bring us down. Lets see the good sides of everything that is happening to us. Let's not dramatize about petty worries but instead use those struggles to help us aim higher. Lets see a half full glass instead of a half empty one. You can tell me it's difficult but we can do it.

I always think positive. Me too i have my own worries and struggles. But for me having those struggles help me a lot. Those struggles help me to wake up every morning and say to myself that i am going to break down this puzzle. Those struggles help me in being wiser. Those struggles help me to enjoy life more. The reason is simple people! After the effort comes the comfort. The comfort of achieving something great. The comfort of feeling capable of doing things. The comfort of feeling strong. This is not my ego that is talking right now but it is the positive side of me as well as my common sense.

Let's stop complicating things. My friends always ask me a lot what is the reason that i am always smiling a lot even by myself or during a serious conversation. Here is the thing! I always look at the funny sides of things. Very often this can piss the person talking to me off but i cannot help it. This is who i am. You can leave or deal with it. Sometimes my friends around are talking and i am smiling. When they ask why i cannot really answer them. The reason is just that my mind went somewhere else. A place without no name. A place where there is a collection of good memories. There you can tell me that i am not facing my reality but the reality is that those good memories form part of my reality. I am sure everybody has very good memories. It can be during childhood, it can be with friends, it can be with your family or it can be by yourself.

Sometimes we just need to cut lose. Take a break from everything and think about something happy. Be happy! Another secret of my happiness is that every morning i listen to something positive. From where do i get it? YouTube! Every morning i wake up i listen to people like Kevin hart. The reason is simply that i love his jokes and it makes me happy. I usually leave my domicile every morning in a good mood and a positive note. He may seem to be just a humorist but there are truth in what he says. The thing that made him so successful according to me is that he always look at the funny and positive side of things. If you do listen to him in his performances, you will notice that a lot.

Another thing that contributes to my happiness is watching a good soccer match. This is the way i entertain myself. Everybody do it differently. Without leaving home and spending crazy money, i am able to enjoy myself. The reason why i prefer it this way is just that when you go out of the house, you meet people, when you meet people they want to go for food and drinks, when you go for food and drinks you spend money. But the thing is that they are making more money than you do. Afterwards when you look at your wallet there is not much left and you did not enjoy yourself as much as these people did. So this is the reason why sometimes i prefer to enjoy by myself. I have more fun and i do my stuffs my way and it is less troublesome for me and my surrounding It may seem egocentric but i am sure everybody has this side of themselves. We just don’t show it much. However sometimes hanging out with people can also be very nice. We will have fun maybe meet new people around and we will talk when there is something to say. At the end of the day you are the only one who can decide how to live your life. On my side, I’ve already made my choice and it is very obvious. But what i am sure of, no matter what situation i find myself in, i am always happy. You can punch me or torture me i will always touch you with love. It can be the love to fight for what i want, the love to talk to you or any other kind of love. What i am sure of is that behind everything that i do there is love and happiness. These are the core elements that you should never let anybody take out of you.

I hope that this can help you today to have a better day because i wrote this for all of you. I know i may not be making a difference but what i am sure of is that i am making a difference for at least a person. When you get out of the house today, just watch the sun and say that you will have a great day and if there is no sun, look at the clouds and see how they are moving with such an elegance. No matter where you are, see the bright side of things. I know that you have a lot of things to do but take at least five minutes per day to be yourself and find your happiness. It is not much time required. As for me the reality is that today i will try to have the happiest day ever as usual.