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The heart is for human kind


Seriously i do not know what to say right now! I have a friend whose leaving the country in two days time! She has finished her studies! I am glad i knew her.


Our friendship is just awesome. We have this kind of connection that makes us very comfortable around each other. But the thing is that i did not thought that her departure would make me so emotional. We threw her a farewell party yesterday and it was one of my friend's birthday as well. We were five of us. We are so close despite that we all come from far and from different countries. We had a dinner all together then we went to enjoy a bit. We enjoyed as if there was no tomorrow to be honest.


However when it was time to drop Aurelie at home, we all felt that we did not enjoyed each others presence enough. I am already missing her right now. She was the who would always set up the plans when she feels that we are driving apart. She is the one who always try to cheer us up and defend us in no matter what the situation is. While she was doing her farewell speech, I was cracking up jokes in order not to cry. But when we left at the condominium, we were four guys going back home very thoughtful and emotional.


We suddenly realised that time is flying! We realised that all good things really has an end! We realised that slowly our group is dissolving. Two members of the group left. Now we are only four guys where one will be leaving anytime soon as well. All the things that we have been through together, all the joys, laughs and tears. Damn! I never felt that way before. It is stronger than the time ı left my house for the very first time. The feeling of knowing that she is going to her country and that the whole crew maybe never reunited again is really hard. But we promised to ourselves to keep in touch regularly. Hopefully the warmth that we all have in our friendship will not fade away.


Now it is time for my friends and I to pick ourselves up and finish our own path. We are going somewhere nice and I wish that we reach our destination. We always look at the bigger picture when we are together and ı hope it will remain the same. The best group of international friends ever! So far they are my best!


Now it is time for me to thank Aurelie for everything! For every time she cheered me up! For every single moment of joy that she brought to us. I wish her good luck also for her next chapter. I sincerely wish that you achieve the success that you want. I wish the best to you and your family. After all we are already a family. You are the best Aurelie!

We will never thank you enough for everything you did with us!