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Felichita (part 1)

Felichita love story is weird. I met her in high school actually. By the time i met her, i had two years left to leave high school and she have four more years to go. It was a normal day like the others except the fact that she made it special to me. This very moment that i am about to tell you is among the unforgettable moments of my life. This moment can never be deleted from my memory. Even if one day i get Alzheimer this very moment will be in my head. It was crazy.

It was a Friday afternoon. Three of my friends and i we were avoiding a class. The class was new on our schedule. It was called activity period. The activity period was no ordinary class. It was not really related to formal education as we had to choose what class we want to attend such as:

Singing class, dancing class, German class and so on. For my friends and i it was not really our cup of tea. So we failed to sign in one slot. As we had nothing to do, we were just wondering around the school yard while everybody was busy in their respective classes. And of course we were noisy. From a point we just saw the assistant rector walking towards us and calling us. When you are in this kind of situation, you already know you are in trouble because he has got so much students in difficult positions during his daily patrol. What was about to come next was that Daren who was one of my friend started running upstairs and we all followed him of course and he was following us as well. Lol! At a point of time we were all almost out of breath and we went into a random class all together.

When we entered the class, we raised few eyebrows of course. The teacher was asking us questions like whether are we supposed to be in that class and why are we so late. Crazy as we were we answered his questions comfortably and we even put a dose of humour with the answers where everybody was having a good laugh. The teacher finally asked us to take a seat and as soon as we do so we saw the assistant rector passing by the door still looking for us outside. It was so funny. We were even laughing from inside as well as the other students because they were well aware that we were not supposed to be in their class.

What happened next was that we had to do groups of two to study the solar system. We were in an astronomy class and we were business and literature students. There was Felichita sitting next to me. So i just picked her without second thought. By the time i said hi! She said hi back and she looked at me. From that moment it was like boom!!! I have never seen anyone so far with the eyes as beautiful as hers. It was just magnificent. From her eyes i could clearly see her soul and it was so pure. From there i knew that she would mean a lot for me. She had this kind of green eyes that was conspicuous even though she wears glasses. I really thought i was in a fairy tale. We hold eye contact for almost one minute. It was a kind of voracious eye contact and at the same time so pure.

She finally spoke. “so what do u think about the planets?”. She was very soft spoken. I was like damn. Kill me!! Can that be her? That feeling was so unique on its own. I’ve know few girls before but she was the perfect description of innocence and grace. No matter what she did or said at that was just gracious. And i could clearly see that there was nothing fake with her. She was just naturally unbelievably eye catching to me. And to be honest i did not have an answer for her question because i did not know anything about planets.

I answered smartly i guess by saying:

“what do you think?”

Then she started describing the planet thingy to me and i could see that she know what she was talking about. She would look at me and the sheet of Bristol paper occasionally while describing her stuffs. Sincerely i was not really into her explanation i was completely into her enjoying, submerged and appreciating every micro expressions that she had along her whole body. After her explanation she looked at me with a soft and gentle smile. Her eyes were diluted and her lips was much more beautiful than snowhites’ lips and i was really out of this world. I smiled back and from there, the topic of the conversation changed. We were talking mostly about ourselves and we were having a great time. Even after the class was over, we decided to enjoy each others’ companionship a bit more. My friend were still there doing their things and they were like:

“uhm hum” “uhm uhm uhm!!”

It was there way of letting me know that they saw what was going on and they were teasing me at the same time.

Our time together was over and school would be over soon as well.

The next Monday, as a student who is disgusted by school i was going to that place very happy. The reason why was that i would go and see her during lunch time. I passed through her whole block to find her class and finally i got there. She was sitting near the window, looking outside, eating a bread and her bag on her knees. I was like hello!!

As soon as she saw me, she blushed, put her bread in her bag lol! And then say hi back. All these were done in a haste. From there i knew she was shy to eat in front of me and secondly she was really into me. To be honest with you guys it was the cutest act any girl has ever done in my presence. We were together almost everyday and we enjoyed our time together. She even came to watch me play soccer during a class tournament that we lost. I played badly that day. The reason is that i think i was overwhelmed by her presence.

We started sharing our stuffs at one point. We shared bracelets, rings, cds and photos. At that time she did not have a phone, she did not have Facebook. So everything we had to say to each other was through face to face communication. There was no alternative. Eventually after that she became my girlfriend. There is so much to say about her. I will tell you the rest later cause now i am really sleepy and the story has a long way to go.