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Felichita (part 2)

Yeah!! I was at the point where i was saying that the only way for us to talk was through face to face communication. As from that time, her friends were my friends too. Bit she was not someone who had a lot of friend. She was kind of quiet compared to her best friend Angela who was not shy at all. As we often say opposites does attract each other.

I can recall the first gift i gave to her. It was an album of French love songs. She seemed to be quite happy about it as well. But during that time i did not really knew how she was feeling about it because she wasn’t that expressive. Anyway, i gave her the gift with my heart. We were quite happy i would say. Even after school sometimes i would wait for her because she had extracurricular lessons and i would spend some time with her.

I can remember our first fight as well. I don’t know if we can even qualify it as a fight. There was a picture of her that she gave to me. Accidentally someone has seen it with me and reported that to her parent.  What happened next was that she really got mad at me and we broke up. And it was a face to face breaking up and she was crying in front of me. And on my side, back in the days i had this kind of ego that i will not allow myself to ask someone to stay with me. So i simply let her go. She did not want to see me anymore, she did not want to talk to me and she said she did not want to have anything to do with me. I was like alright. Next to this, i think it was few days later, her best friend passed a letter to me from her. I was surprised. Nonetheless i took the letter and read it and she explained everything to me.  In that letter she showed her love for me but it was hard for her to accept the fact that i would be leaving the school and most probably the country very soon. I told to myself ok! Maybe she is right! I tried to forget about her and move on with my life and i guess she did so too.

I eventually was done with high school and i would not see her anymore. However i was not completely over her because it was her picture that was on my laptop desktop as well as my phone wall paper. So, one day i called her out of the blue through Angela’s number and she talked to me. She was talking to me in a cold way though. I think i talked to her for two minutes and then i told her goodbye. It was like she did not want to talk to me. So i made my way and got a new girlfriend in the meantime and that was it.

But surprise surprise again!!lol! I can’t even remember how our paths crossed again. The next thing i know was that we were together again. But as from now she had her own phone and the communication was smoother. There was only her in my life. The thing this time was that we did not get to meet as much as before. She did not have that kind of freedom to be honest. In a sense its a good thing but on the other hand i had to learn how to be patient. We would me occasionally for only few minutes and then the rest was on phone. Can you imagine? She is the only girlfriend that i took around three years to get my first kiss. And that first kiss was absolutely wonderful. We had a long walk together. It was the first time that we spent half day together. We were walking by the roadside with her holding her umbrella as i was holding her hand. When we kissed it was like the clock stopped ticking, the clouds stopped moving and the wind that was blowing to our faces just brought the perfect temperature. I cannot even remember my first kiss by now but her kiss is the real deal. It was something else. I could feel her body shivering in my arms. I could sense that connection that we had while being chest to chest. If i could pay money to go back to that moment i would certainly do. The best feeling ever. Everything was perfect. It was worth it waiting that long. I have no regrets. But as you know it is an on and off relationship. So i'm just looking forward about what is next for now.

If there is more development in the love story i will make sure that you will be aware of it. But as from now i say chao!!!