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Fixing issues

Today I want to share how I fix my problems any time I get into a conflict with someone from my surrounding. Fixing problems for some people is a big issue for some people. But today, you will get something that can really be useful to you.


First of all, you need to observe! Observe the problem and the person that is doing something that annoys you or affects you in one way or the other. After you are done with your observation, wait for a moment where you are in private with the particular person. Once you get to that point, you can share your observation to him or her and in a diplomatic way. You need to make sure that you do not get angry or raise your voice in order to be able to continue with the process.


Next thing that you need to do is to share what do you feel about the current situation. You can say that you feel sad or angry about it. In this way, the individual will know what is going on inside you. It may not be easy for you if you do not like to share how you feel but the reality is that you will have to do it.


After that you have shared about how you feel. The next thing to is to tell the person what are your needs. What do you need from them? For instance you may say that you need them to be more considerate about you. You can say that you need them to be more supportive in a sense. All of it depends on the current issue that you are having with the particular individual. It can be a co - worker, a friend, a member of the family or a stranger. It can be used in these circumstances.


When you are done with three steps, then you can conclude by telling the person what is your request. For instance the request may be that everything have to change for the best on the spot. Or you can say also that your request is that you try to work things out as soon as possible.


If you manage to use these steps properly, I guarantee you there will be a change. And it works efficiently. I’ve been using this system for years now. And of course after you’re done the person will open up as well. From there, also you will be able to fix other stuffs. For instance, the problem that your respondent sees in you!


So I hope that these four simple steps might help you in your quest of fixing a problem. Here the only thing that I can say is that you need to stay strong and positive while facing adversities. Do not let the problems that you have bring you down. Face them with dignity, humility and honor.