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For the Love of Women

When i was younger i had a quote that i would always use with my friends while talking about girls and woman. The quote was a deep one and we would all burst out laughing after i am done saying my stuff. It is not a wise quote though and now this is the way for me to unquote that quote. The quote that follows can be really offensive and please forgive me for these words. I was young and now i am no more the man i used to be.


“ the woman who will change me is not born yet and her mom is dead already”


Yes i know these are very dark and powerful words. At that time this quote was fun for me and now when i look back at it, i do not even know why. Today i am writing this open letter for all those magnificent woman that i have hurt in one way or the other. I am writing these words for all the mothers who are giving birth to their child. This a letter is my apology. My apology to women and mothers.


We men, tend to forget that women are the people who sacrifices their bodies to give us life. We tend to forget that if there is no women there is no life. We tend to forget the fact that if we did not have a mother we would never have our clothes washed and our hot food on our plate. Despite that it is not compulsory for a woman to do all these things for us, the do it. And they do all these with love.


As men we may be very powerful in terms of body strength. We may have invented electricity, cars and bikes. But in front of a woman, all of it means nothing. Without the love, the care, the strength and the pain of our mothers all those things does not matter at. It is unbelievable to see that there is only one day for mothers. For me, every day is mothers day. If i could buy her a gift every day i would. Because for me every day is mothers day. Every day there is at least a woman giving birth. The love of a mother is something we cannot deny. There are so many women out there who are struggling with their husbands but they chose to stay together for the sake of their children. So many women out there who has no husband and live alone with their child but they still love their kids. So many women whose children were born from a rape and they still love there kids. So many good things to say about women but words are not enough to how much of a precious human being they are.


So many people pick up fights with their mothers which is very sad. If today you are reading my open letter, please take a time and think about your mother. Take a time to think about the woman who took care of you in case you do not know your biological mother. You will realise how much love she gave. My quote about woman was totally wrong. The reason is that at the first place it is a woman who shaped me. She shaped me and made me who i am. She changed me from the beginning. I was not aware of it and i was wrong.


Today let’s all take some time to value all the women in our surrounding. Let us send a love letter to our women. Let us date our women. Let us cook some good food for our women. Let’s do her breakfast, lunch and diner. They have been doing these things for us almost every day and for a long time. There is no need to wait for mothers day anymore. Let us take the few pennies to buy her a gift today. Whether big or small, cheap or expensive, i am very sure she will love it. We need to value our women more.


Sometime we hurt them without even noticing. But they stay strong for us. Now it is time to realise that women also are very powerful people. For me, there is no difference between men and women. We are all equal.


My biggest wish is that one day we value women more. We stop breaking their hearts. We stop playing with their feelings. We stop the social label which says a woman need to be in a kitchen and cleaning the house every day. Nowadays things are changing. In a very good way. But some people still underestimate even today. But i am hopeful that one day the who world as well as each and every men will treat women as equal. We put too much pressure on women sometimes. Women should wear make up, women should be slim and so many more. We do not see what they have been doing all this will for us. Now women need freedom. Freedom to wear whatever they want. To behave the way the want, and to do whatever job they want to do.


Let us all stop the all the label and prejudices towards women. Let us love our women. Today i am sending love to all the women around the world.