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Grandma House

I don’t know whether this only happened to me but grand parents seems to care a lot about their grand children every time. I have a lot of childhood memories but the ones that seem to stick in my head are the ones at grandma’s house. It is like magic to me. Its like as soon as you reach their house you get a feeling of peace and safety.

One of the memories that i can recall of fondly was a Christmas at grandma’s house. I reached her house early morning. It was around 8 o’clock. The first thing that i can recall was a big kiss and hug from her as she was surprised to see me at her place by myself. Afterwards she brought a kind of rounded tin in which there were so many kind of biscuits and i will not hide that during that time this tin was better than toys to me.  She opened it and carefully put some of them on a palate making sure that there is a variety of biscuits. I was very happy and at the same time trying to hide my happiness due to our social convention set up during that time. Then, she would give me some money and ask me to go to the shop to buy a big bottle of soft drink of my choice and some sweets. When i came back i was having the soft drinks of course but on top of that a lot of sweets and chewing gums that I’ve already started to eat on the way back.

After i gave her the drink and the change, she would pour a glass of the drink and bring the cakes and the drink to the dining for me, pull a chair for both of us and sit down and talk to me. She would then take a biscuit and that’s the only one she would eat because of health issues. I would be sitting there talking to her eating biscuits that were in abundance and having my drink. She always called me small teddy bear. To be honest with you this name was really annoying at that time because the whole family was calling me teddy bear instead of calling me by my real name. But in a sense the way and the timing that she always use to call me was kind of pleasant and was music to my ears. She had her way with me. I don’t know how but what i am sure of she had it.

 That day it was Christmas eve. When my uncle who was her neighbour got back from work we went to get a Christmas tree from the forest ‘together’. However as i was not strong enough during that time i had to let him carry it by himself. I will say i was a bit lazy as well. When we got back home, grandma was in front of the house waiting for us. As we were putting the tree in the house, grandma gave me a big box that contained all kind of decorations and she told me that i was in charge of the decoration. I was cool with that. I was alone by myself there, there were no kids to play with me and i wanted to be useful. In the mean time, she was preparing the diner for us. So it was just great for me. But at the same time she was coming back to me from the kitchen to take a look at how things was going and helping me a bit as well. Of course i had my juice and my cakes with me also. As long as i had those two with me, i did not have any trouble. And i would say that i was more of a quiet child rather than a turbulent one. So in terms of my behaviour i was unable of getting anybody into trouble. So it was something quite nice for both of us. After i was done with the decoration she would ask me to go and take a shower and as soon as i was out of the bathroom she would be wiping me out with a towel from head to toe. Sometimes i felt like she still thought that i was a baby however i would just stay there while she was applying my body cream and everything that comes with it. Soon after i will go back to the kitchen with her and we would be talking, singing and laughing together. Unfortunately my grand father had already passed away during that time so i would avoid talking about him to her despite that she mentioned his name a few times since we were talking. In a sense, as a lonely child i understood where she stood as well as her loneliness and i wanted to make her happy and feel less lonely. After some time diner was ready and served. There was only her and I and we had diner together. I don’t have to tell you how good it was.

Grandma’s food are always delicious. I don’t know how they make it so delicious but they really are. Even now while talking about her cooking, the flavour comes to mouth as well as the aroma despite that i cannot eat her food anymore. In fact when i think about her food it is like i am looking for that long lost taste of this food in every food that i try. I haven’t eat any food that can transport me back to those days like a memory recall or food that are near to the food that she cooked. Her food was the same that everybody cook but the satisfaction was different. How does she do that? I have no idea. All that i can tell you was that her food tasted awesome.

After we were done with diner i would help her wash and put the plates where they belong. Then we would sat down in front of the house together and watch the big boats passing by and looking at the moon and the stats from far. The time that i spent with my grandma that day was far much more better than having a date with another woman. The thing is that i was having fun and she seemed to have a genuine interest in me and into what i was saying. She was far from perfect but for sure she was perfect for me. Supposedly we were both waiting for Santa Claus to come but sadly we both ended up going back inside the house and sleep and of course I’ve already put my shoes under the tree.

The next  morning when i woke up everybody was already awake and my parents were there too. They were having breakfast and i rushed to the living room. There were a lot of gifts under the tree and there were three of them that were on my shoes. I opened the first one and i can’t tell you how disappointed i was. There were some clothes inside. On my second opening i was much more happy because it was the railway train that i always asked them for. And i even had the whole railway and the train worked with batteries. On my third opening it was the world map that i was asking my parents for for months. At the end of the day it was an awesome Christmas for me. It would sat down near the tree put my world map on the floor install the railway on top of it with my dad and make my train travel the world. My dad  asked me with an intrigued tone whether this was the reason that i wanted to have a world map and of course i would gladly say yes.

Next thing we would all proceed to the beach having our lunch and drinks with us. My mom would kind of force me to wear those clothes that i just got and of course my map and my train was with me. At the beach everybody was having a good times since my uncles, aunts and cousins joins us there. But the annoying part of this meeting is when they start talking about the kids. They would sad down there talking about my cousins and i. If they were talking about the good things that we did that would be great. But instead the were talking about our mischievous moments and we didn’t feel cool at that time. Nonetheless when we were fed up from listening to their criticism, we would go swim or a walk on the beach all together. The kind of solidarity that my cousins and i had at that time was more than anything possible. There is even one of my cousin who is kind of hot tempered who would be cursing on the way by himself while we were having our little walk and the rest we would be asking and wondering why do they always have to talk about us when they meet. When we got back from our walk, we would just take a drink and the conversation topic would have already changed. And this time around they were talking about politics and economy. And we were all like please we are trying to have a good time here not knowing that it was us the kids who were having the best time there during that time. So we decide to move away from them again and this time we went to swim but one parent two aunts went with us to check on us and avoid any trouble. We were have a good time until one of our cousin rushed out of water. We all went out when we saw him running out. He got stung by one of the ‘sea creatures’ under his left foot big toe. He got stung by a sea urchin. We could see that he was about to cry but he restrain himself because we were all there. We could see his mom taking him aside and trying to remove the broken residue from his toe with the help of a needle. After few minutes we were all fine and having a great time but this time we were forbidden to go in the water again. So we just played football until we got tired of it.

At the end of the day we would just part ways and my dad would drop my grandma at her house. I always felt sad every time when we dropped her at her place all by herself again. I always asked myself why didn’t she live with us but apparently it was her own choice. When she passed away i was a bit older but i was still very sad. However the only memories that i have of her are the ones that o cherish the most and they are unforgettable. If you have a grandma who is still alive please love her and cherish her because she loves you more than think. My grandma legacy was to stay strong and my own legacy is my grandma.