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Grown Up Kids

Kids can be really amazing sometimes. Last time I met a three year old kid with her grandmother. She was just adorable. I even took a picture with her despite that she was a bit shy. It may seem weird to you but i felt like a father to that kid. What has strike me the most that particular day is that she was the one at the counter. I was taking a room in a hotel and she was the one recording my entry, taking my money and giving me back my change. I was really surprised because at this age she was already very smart. Do not get mistaken, the hotel belongs to her family. it was not something like she was forced to do. She was doing it because she loves doing it. This is something that we as the grown up ones should learn.


When we think about kids, the first words that pop up in our head are innocence, cute, adorable and nice. Why are we not like we used to be when we were kids. Is it the media effect or peer group? as long as we start growing up we lose that charm. We lose that innocence that we used to have. we lose our angelic faces.It is a sad situation but this is how we roll. This situation kept me thinking about that a lot. seriously! but when I think about it also it reminds me that I had a very happy childhood and that after all it is the evolution of things.


But one thing that I like is when grown ups behave like kids! It may seem funny or weird but I like it. We may be grown ups but we are still kids in the eyes of our parents. I still ask my mom for hugs and kisses. I do it rarely but I still do. I like the fact of becoming a kid again sometimes as well. When my close friends and I are together, most of the times we would be behaving like kids. We would fight for the last grilled sausage for instance. It will be like five of us fighting for the last sausage. At the end of the day, when the sausage is gone we will just sit down together and laugh about it. We do so many things that kids does when we are together. and it is fun as well.


So many times we want to be a child again in our subconscious! The reality though is that we are most of the time unaware about the fact that we are looking for this side of us. so many times we behave like kids also and we do not know. I remember when we were in high school, during the break time we would play hide and seek. We were around sixteen years old. can you imagine! At that time though we did not realised what was the reason behind. For me the main reason behind was that we were looking for that childish part of us. But I will not hide that this hide and seek was a suspicious one. There were a lot of fishy things involved in it. I am sure that you get what I mean. lol!


At the end of the day I can see that we never stop being a kid. The reality that as we get bigger, everything around us also gets bigger. Just think about it for a moment. When i was a kid I had a lot of toys. Let's say toys for boys. I had small cars, small train, small hammers and so many other toys. now that I am grown up, everything just got bigger. I still use trains, I still use my car and I have my own tool set now now with the hammer and everything. As i can recall on the other hand, my sister had her own dows as well. She had her dolls with the small makeup and comb. She had her small cooking set and so many other toys also. Now that she is grown up, she still love cooking, she has her make ups and she loves teddy bears. these are reasons that for me we never stop being a kid.


however, it is a good thing to be a kid. Yes! For sure! But now we need to be sensible grown kids as well. Because as we always hear, we need to grow up. we will always hear people saying that life is unfair and that we have to deal with it. well! I am dealing with it. As long as we are all happy human beings, i am absolutely fine. 


hmmm! yep! that's pretty much what I had to say about it. give me your thoughts about it as well as your perspectives! i may be right or wrong. who knows?!