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Halloween is coming people! Nowadays, halloween has become something global. It is like the whole world is celebrating it and people are going to party everywhere for halloween. Even from where I am now, people around me are just getting excited about it. however did you ever wondered where did halloween come from and why people celebrate it? Nowadays it has something that is very commercialised and where the kids enjoy themselves. but matter of fact, it was not always like that.


Halloween origin is from celtic. the celts who were living there back in the days which is now considered as united kingdom, Ireland and northern France celebrated it as a way to mark the end of summer. so what happened mostly in those days, there will be a lot of death. A lot of people would die during the time where it is cold and dark. So, the other people around would wear costumes and light bonfires in order to scare the ghosts.


Some more, the samhain celebrated their new year on the first of november. it was a way for them to celebrate their harvests as the cold winter was already there. So, as you can see there new year was one day after halloween. and it has a relation as well! haha!! it was believed that the day before their new year was a day where the gap between the world of the living and the dead was closed. The ghost were back to our world and this is why it is cold and dark.


However, with time the meaning of halloween changed. Because in some countries such as england for instance, it was absolutely unacceptable back in the days. So some europeans would join some native americans back there in order to celebrate it together. however, the twist it into their own version. They made it a happy day where there will be parties and as we can see nowadays it is even more fun.


But the sad thing according to me here, it has become too commercialized and the real essence of halloween has kind of vanished. However, this is how it is now and we have to evolve with it. Culture always vary from different places and different time.


So this a brief description about halloween. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe if you know something more about it you can give your opinion. But it is very interesting to take a look at those things in the sense that at least we know what we are doing instead of just doing it without knowing why are we doing it.