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It Made My Night

There are definitely some people who just brighten your day without doing anything. These people are generally the kindness and the most amazing people. These people are the one that will always have a smile on their face no matter what the situation is. These people are the people who will be able to see the funny side of even your silliest jokes.


I met a friend like that yesterday and while writing about it now it makes me laugh. I am sure you are curious about what we were laughing right now! But before going further i want you to know that the situation may not make you laugh. But i will try to describe the situation to you as much as ı can.


We were four of us. We decided to go to a ‘bad’ restaurant for diner. I would not say bad but let’s put it as a low cost restaurant. We were all fine at the beginning and we were eating quietly when suddenly a friend of ours appeared and decided to sit down with us to have his dinner as well. He was speaking his language and there were two of us who do not speak the language but we can understand the situation a bit. This friend of ours can really talk! And we were not bothered by this. In fact he is the one that brought joy to the table.


Well! We were all sitting down and his food finally reached the table. It was a kind of fried eggs and there was some weird vegetables inside. It was very oily with tomato sauce, barbecue sauce and some spring onions that were not properly chopped on top of it. Some more, the way the food was served to him was like the way people serves food to slaves back in the days. It was not a pretty situation but we still laugh about it. The reason is that the food did not seem to be good at all. I respect food a lot but sometimes, it is too much. Bad food with bad service! I am pretty sure that some people would have gone mad about it. 

However, the most surprising thing was that the first thing our friend did was that he was looking at the food and saying:


“try it guys. This food is so delicious.” lol!


Even without eating it he was already saying that it is delicious and some more trying to persuade us to try it with him. Funny thing is that the food did not smell good at all and he was next to me. We were five people on a table for four some more. So what happen was that the smell was bothering me. But i could not tell my friend to move a bit. I looked at the eggs and my facial expression could not hide how i was feeling about that food. The girl who was siting face to me saw my facial expression and she start laughing. I could not prevent myself from laughing as well. In my head i was telling to myself what kind of food is that. Hahaha! And were laughing so much that the other friends started to ask us what are we laughing about. But we did not reveal anything because we wanted the laugh to go until the very end. Every single bite of the eggs was a joy and pleasure for our eyes.


The others eventually asked us to share the joy with them but we just said that we are crazy people and asked them not to care about us. The guy who ordered the eggs even asked me and the other girl whether we were laughing at him. Of course we said no. We did not want to disturb him during his meal. We were laughing so much that one of the friend understood the situation. From there we were three people aware of the fun. And the other two friends were still wondering what is going on. At the end of the day, all of us were laughing. It was like something contagious.


But it was getting late also. We decided to go back home before the guy finishes his eggs. So before leaving we all shake hand with him and ı told him to enjoy his meal with all the innocence of the world. But my friends interpreted it the wrong way and they just burst out laughing From there, ı think the friend with the eggs understood what was going on all this while. I am sure that he did because he is as messed up in the head as we are. But the good thing here is that we changed a messed up situation into something nice. It just made our nights. All of us! Everybody had a very good time. It may be in a bad restaurant with lousy food and bad service but despite all this we had a really good time. This is how my friend made my night.