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The heart is for human kind

Live your life!

Live your life people! That's what I'm talking about! I believe that no matter what the situation is, no matter where you are or who you are with, you simply got to be yourself. I say this because when you are yourself, you avoid disappointment. You avoid disappointing yourself and you avoid disappointing people. 

I also believe that when we are not ourselves or we are doing something that goes against our principles and convictions, it is where we start to get confuse as well as wondering who we are for real. But the reality is that deep down we all know who we are. We are just very often too scared or too shy to express ourselves. Sometimes it does not need much time to solve this kind of issues. All that it cost us is just twenty second of courage. Twenty seconds of courage to say I love you, twenty seconds of courage to reconcilliate and twenty seconds of courage to stop all the things that has been pulling us back or bringing us down.

If we see that we are failing over and over again, then it means that there is a problem and most of the time the problem is not us but it is the way we approach the different situations of life that we have to face. Very often we create problems and we tend to overthink about a current issue in our head. We tend to analyse too much and hypothetically think for the worst. But let's change this approach for a while and let's just do it. This is not something that work all the time though. But you will be surprised how positive the outcomes are very often. 

But be careful though, following our guts sometimes also can be devastating depending on the situation but at least you will have the satisfaction of having done what you have done. You will have stories to tell your kids and grand kids. But please let's act right in that sense and let's worry less about the outcome.

Personally concerning myself, I am not scared of the outcome of a 'gambling' or any other situation. When life brings me down, I just say "do your worse". At least I still have my dignity and it is the outcome of what has made me happy previously. For me die today or die tommorrow is die but before we die let's make sure that we leave this world without any regrets as well as on a high note. Let's just be happy!