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Long Distance Relationship

Where do we start here? Hey yes I know! Long distance relationship! Well! Long distance relationship can be a really nice thing depending on how you go about it. It can become a nightmare as well. Today I want to break this down for you people.

Sometimes, when couple have to be separated from each other for usually a lot of time, they prefer to stay together rather than breaking up. A fact that I will not deny is a pure act of love, understanding and optimism.


I have friends who have been there before. They finished their studies abroad and when they went back home, they had their girlfriends over there waiting for them. They pick up where they left. I really like that in fact. When I look at them, my inner self tell me that they are meant for each other.


However, to be able to make it work, I believe that the first and most important thing is to have this trust in each other. Without trusting each other, it will never work. The reason is that one or the other will not be fully into the relationship fully. This is how usually it will cause the heartbreak of one or the other.


Next to this, the other thing that will make a long distance relationship work is keeping in touch regularly. It can be via phone calls, skype or facebook but find a way to talk to each other everyday. Make space for each other on your time table. So often I can hear people telling me that it is the distance that has destroyed their relationships. For me it is not the distance but instead, it is the silence. Silence can kill a relationship people! Being unaware and in the unknown when it comes to your partner will eventually affect your relationship whether you like it or not.


Then there is another sacrifice that comes with long distance relationships as well. The biggest sacrifice I think! Lol! The sexual part. If you are used to be having sexual intercourse with your partner, then you will have to forget about sex for the meantime. Because you do not want to cheat on her I believe and I am sure that she do not want to do it as well. Yes! There will be a lot of people that will approach you! There will be a lot of temptation! But if you are really in love, you won't do it.


But it happens that you are in a long distance relationship which is a very good thing, just be honest with each other. It may not be easy but if you make it through, you will have a lot of stories to tell your grandchildren later. I hope that you have enjoyed what I have written. I hope that you have gain something from it. If you have any suggestion as well, just make sure that you leave it in the comment box below!