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Love, Dating and divorce

Love! What is love to you? What is love to me? I have absolutely no clue. The way that ı see things now is that we are being train to be good dates. Yeah! you may tell me that it is always good to have someone to compliment you. It is always good to know each other. It is always good to receive flowers. Yes ı am sure that you will have a good time with that particular person. There is no doubt about that! But to what extent are all these things being done in a genuine way? When you look at the divorce rate nowadays, the percentage is absolutely astonishing. Well! Nobody wants to be a divorced man or woman at the first place. Unfortunately, the divorce rate continue to increase. The amount of lone parent family is just huge.


I believe that anybody who believe in love has this fairy tale dream of the white dress and living happily forever. Well! Everybody can live that dream. However, there are certain things that we need to take into consideration. First and foremost, you need to have a solid reason to marry that person and that reason is call love.


Do not allow yourself to get carried away by the wealth, power, social status and prestige of someone. Very soon you will come to realise that you are not happy and that you are messing up your whole life.


I do believe that the old ways of dating should be more valued nowadays. There are a lot of dating sites that work really good and works fast for sure. There is no doubt that dating sites are really great tools! But for me personally I still prefer the old fashion way. The way which involve approaching a person, talk to him or her and see where it goes. Through that way, you will get to know the real person in their natural element as well as being themselves.


When we look at dating nowadays, it is as if we are robots. There is not much of that creativity and excitement like it used to be. Most of us if we are dating a woman, we will buy her flowers, chocolate, take her to a movie and a good restaurant. This is the only thing that ı can see around me when it comes to dating nowadays.

Here is the thing! It may sound romantic to you but for me it is not. The reason is that love must be genuine and shared between two person. I know a lot of women who do not like flowers and chocolate by the way. So how to go about them then? Hmmm! I believe that when it comes to dating someone, there must be the whole process of spending time together, getting to know each other pretty and see if there is a desire to move forward or move on. So many times we get confused between infatuation, love and attraction.

Let me tell you something here! I would prefer date a woman that I love even though the society consider her as 'unattractive'. The reason is simple here! I want her to be happy, i want to be happy and I love her. That's the end of discussion.


If you are having a tough choice choosing between two person and telling yourself which one suits you best? Then it means that you do not love anyone of them. If you want someone you will go for him or for her. As people always say that you will know when love knocks at your door. Well! I want to tell you same! You will know! There will be no other inside little voice to ask you to not do it.


The sad thing is for the people who have faced a divorced. I want to tell you all that life does not stop there. Do not take your marriage as a mistake because you got divorced. Take it as an experience and move on because you deserve to be happy as well. I know it is not easy but you've got to do it. It is normal that this time you will be more careful. But make sure that you will take the right decision for yourself.


Finally I want to leave a not that I always say. Love is not something that you can see but it is something that you can feel. When the connection is there, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the company of your partner more than anybody else. There is no doubt that in every little thing that your partner does you will see magic and firecrackers. So please take your time to take the right decision.