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Love Letter for My Readers

hello everybody,

well well well! today i want to thank you all for reading my daily posts. i know that sometimes it can take a lot of your time but the most important thing is that you enjoy and learn something from it. hmm! i hope so! well so far i have reached more than 10, 000 views and i am so glad about it. i would not be able to make it without you.


my biggest wish right now is that we grow up together and exchange our thoughts to one another which will build a bond between us. but i can already feel that we are already starting to have a great bond with all your comments and reaction. seriously i would never thought that you would even think of reading my stories. however, as usual life turns out to be pretty much surprising. as we always say:


"expect the unexpected!"


I want to give a lot of thanks to someone in particular as well who has always encouraged me in everything that I do. she is the one who gave me the courage to start posting my stories as well. Don't worry! she will recognise herself in what I am saying. I know that I am not where

i want to be yet but it is through small baby steps that we can succeed together. my motto for now is that I rather die trying or successful.

I do not want any regrets in my old days. if I will ever reach my old days! lol!


I want to wish you all all the best as well. in anything or project that you are trying to do, just stay committed to it and you will succeed. there will be days where you will rise, there will be days where you will fall. it is how the chart goes people! nothing comes easy! no matter what the situation is, just keep on going. learn from your mistakes and weaknesses. we are all strong people and we all deserve the best in our lives.


If you haven't found your passion yet. don't get mad over it! please! you will know it when it comes to you. as usual everything is a process and takes time. we just need to be consistent, patient and hopeful! i have to admit that sometimes we need a bit of luck on top of that as well!


today i just felt to say thank you to you all! i have a lot of emotions right now at the very moment. i want to send all the love of the world to all of you! you are amazing people! i do not care whether you are black, white, asian or indian. first of all we are human beings! we are human kind. lets promote love, peace, respect and kindness to one another.


love you all! i appreciate everything and talk to you next time!

thank you!!!