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Love What You Do and Do What You Love

How deep is your love! how deep is your love for the cause that you are defending? how deep is your love for your family? how deep is your love when it comes to your job? how deep is your love for success?

If any of us is doing an activity, a job, a passion or something that we want to have, then we have to ask ourselves how bad do we want them. Because when we put love in everything that we are doing or about to do, there is no way that we are not going to succeed.

Everything that we do has to come out of love. don't you believe me? Let's take a look at a couple for instance. If there is no love between the two partners, the couple is most likely to be unsuccessful, get divorced, unhappy and they will be unfaithful. So the rule applies to anything that we are doing as well.

If we are willing to do something that we do not love to do, there will always be something missing. You will never be satisfied enough. Everything is all about how much to you love what you are doing and how far are you willing to go to get it.

I have been watching videos about success stories lately. One thing that I am sure of is that if these people did not love what they were doing, they would have never been where they are now. These people have been hit to the ground, rejected, broke, homeless but still they got back and as you all know the rest is history. The love that they have to be willing for more and fight back to get what they is unthinkable.

Put love in whatever you are doing people. If you want something, go for it! Full house! If you love what you are doing genuinely, there is no way that you will fail. By the way! Do not forget that it is you that defines your own success! Not others! You are the one who knows what you want for yourself. So what others may see as meaningless, for you it may be your success.

Do not ever let something that is not out of love guide you. It will most probably end up as a total chaos! Do not let others dictate to you what you should love as well because the love that you have is in your inner self. You may discover is suddenly or gradually. But you got it in you and you will find it. If others have been able to find it, you too you will be able to find yours.

So hopefully these few lines above will help you in whatever you are trying to do and see you all later people!