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The heart is for human kind

Love Yourself

Love yourselves people. No matter what we do in life will never be enough to please people. Its in human nature. We are a race that never gets full satisfaction No matter how much good things we have done, people will always point their fingers on our wrong doings and weaknesses.

Everyday we get criticised. People will tell us that we study too much that we are to fat, too skinny, too short and too tall. Im fine with that. The reason why i am fine with that is because i feel comfortable with myself. The reason why i am fine with that is because their opinions doesn’t count and i am who i am. As long as i am happy that is enough for me.

So much people those days want to be the best of themselves including myself. However, the things that we tend to forget is that we do actions that does not really please us but instead pleases people that are around us. I know some people who have a complex about their physical looks. As soon as someone tell them that they are too fat or too skinny they run to the gym. Yes it is healthy but to what extent. Hence, i don’t blame them for that because media is encouraging people to do so nowadays. When it comes to me however i like looking at the good sides of people. That  is how i can enjoy the company or people around me. This is how i keep a good relationship with them. Personally it does not matter whether you are bald, tall, short, fat or skinny. We are who we are. If we are happy together that is enough for me.

We need to learn how to use bad critics. We can use them as something to bring us down, we can use them as a source of motivation or we can ignore them. It’s up to you to decide. When i say critics, i mean the bad ones. So make sure what kind of critic it is before taking a decision. I have a friend who always changes haircuts and styles. People tend to always criticise him and label him as crazy but matter of fact, when celebrities put on these haircuts nobody says anything. One day i asked him how does he cope with criticism. His answer to me was:

“life is short my friend! You paint your life the way you want, you will never be able to please everybody and you were not born to please everybody.”

That day i was like damn. I know he was right and he still is. That is the reason why i appreciate him a lot. He is strong enough to cope with a lot of criticism, he is totally free from mental slavery and first and foremost he is a very happy dude. Along our small conversation, he taught me that happiness is the key. If u love eating, eat as much food as you want. If u love different haircuts use them as much as you want. I say that because we as human tend to take time to adapt ourselves to new situations. I am saying that because after around one month i saw a lot of people who were criticising my friends having his haircut. And when i told them that they had a nice haircut, the answer was as follow:

“yeah! Its awesome right?”

Now the same haircut is not referred to as a crazy one. And who are we even to criticise other people’s life. We are not the ones who gave them birth, we are not the ones who fed them and we are not the ones who created them. We will face a lot of criticism people. But no matter what people say about you, don’t argue with them or justify yourself to them. Deep inside you have to love yourself and you know your qualities. You will get knocked down a lot with words along your lifetime. But keep in mind that there are a lot of things that they cannot take away from you. They will never be able to take your beauty because i believe that there is beauty in everybody. They will not be able to take away your intelligence and capacity because everybody has their own capacity in their own ways.

From now on, stop caring about the label that the society puts on you. Instead, care about what you think is good for you. Don’t ever let anybody mess with your mental health. We are all a beautiful creation of nature no matter what people think. If you are here on earth and classified as human there is a lot of good reasons for that. We are here to be happy and do great things. I hope that this will help you see yourself into another perspective if you are having a bad time with criticism.