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The heart is for human kind


Has it ever happened to you to love someone on the spot as soon as you met her? For me it certainly happened. Make no mistakes! It was not the typical kind of thunderstorm or like people say that they got struck by lightning. For me it was more simple than that but yet, the complex love was there.

I met Lucile during a time that I was feeling tired and then It happened that I took a break from school and I went out of the busy lively town for a weekend with my friend Jonathan.


Jonathan and I decided to live in a hostel due to the fact that we were travelling on a low cost budget and vacation. So when we went there of course we met a lot of new friends. As from there Jonathan, François our new friend and I went for a walk to know more about the area and then we decided to sit down and have a few beers with some nice music and a great conversation.

However what was about to happen to me next was really unexpected. When the time came for diner, we decided to all o back to the hostel to have diner with the rest of the guests who were staying there as well. Nonetheless, when we reach there, I got the surprise of my by seeing a woman standing with the other guests and it was Lucile. Despite that there were a lot of women around as well; I couldn’t take my eyes off her. However I didn’t care, as everybody was busy, I continue to talk with my friends.


What will happen next is that the cook will invite us to take our food from the buffet. This is where everything started. While being in the queue to take food, I propose to Julie to take her food before by a gesture with my hand giving her the way to go ahead. She look at me like she was trying to penetrate my soul and then she gave me a kind of polite and light smile. At that time, I didn’t really appreciate that because I was saying to myself that I am not her type of guy since she did not say anything and not even a thank you.


However, every body was sitting on a long rectangular table. When I think about it again it was like a royal diner except that there was no queen or king at the table. While eating, we got to know more about each other a bit because after all we were all from different countries and that was the best way and timing to know more about each others culture.


While everybody was sharing their cultures, language and traditions, Lucile and I were having a kind of game where we were exclusively flirting with the eyes but in a hidden or shy way I will say. I could see her see me looking at her and it was the same on my side. It was finally my time to introduce myself to everybody and from that point of time, Lucile literally stop eating with her fork still in her hand and her plate still in front of her just to listen to me talking. I saw that but I still carried on what I was about to say. Well, I said my name; from where I am from and what languages do I speak. When I gave those details, I saw a broken smile on the lips of Lucile. The kind of broken smile that says oh I did not know that.


The thing that triggered that smile was the fact that I said that I speak French and that I have a lot of things in common with French culture when it comes to my own culture. I already knew she was French but as she was speaking with her friend but she did not know that my mother tongue was French as well and that why I think she was a bit cold to me at the beginning because she don’t really know English that well and most of the people around us were English speakers. After I finished my so- called speech, everybody was kind of more curious about my country because it was the first time for him or her to hear about my country. But however, when it comes to French speaking countries they know all about my country because they refer to it as paradise and anti stress island.  But while talking with other people, there was still the peeking game that was on. And of course I was starting to love it that it was more or less the kind of inviting smile rather that a polite smile. It was something great for me but what next? This question came into my mind but I concluded that what is meant to happen to me it will happen.

I went out with François after food to smoke a cigarette, as we were not allowed to smoke inside of the dinning room. We were talking and I was whispering to François that I was looking at a woman who really seems to be nice. She was not that beautiful that the society label as the typical beautiful but she had a charm that was really attractive to me and most importantly I was really comfortable around her without even talking to her. Its always kind of difficult for me to get that comfortable around a woman that I just met but with her everything was different.

After few minutes, she came out with her friend as well and sat down together with us to smoke a cigarette. My opening line was:


‘Can you pass me your lighter?’


She gave it to me I light up a cigarette and I said thank you. Then I asked her about her name and she told me Lucile. I cracked a little joke telling her that her name was a typical French name and comes a laughter and then she asked me mine and I said mine and here it comes my name was typically French too. We just had a good laughter about it. Afterwards, everybody introduced themselves and we were five of us.

She did not talk to me again at this point as her body language was facing against me but towards the other guys. I did not really care at that time and I was saying to my inner self that its either she is playing hard to get or it’s just that she don’t like me and that she don’t want to give me hope.


After few cigarettes, we all decided to move to the opposite bar and have few beers as we all wanted to drink and they were not selling beers at the hostel. It’s from there that everything went in the ‘right direction’. She was sitting next to me and I could feel that she was more comfortable with me and we were learning more and more about each other. It was like a very discreet flirting.


Then comes to the point that she asked me what I was studying in Thailand. I told her that I was studying human body language. I could see that she was amazed by this but a little bit scared as well as her friend because I can read peoples body language. But to put everybody in the comfort zone, I joked and told them not to worry because I am not reading anybody’s body language. Lucile laughed and asked me to read her body language with her beautiful brown hazel nuts eyes and a smile that seems like she is a model for a toothpaste brand. For few seconds, I paused and simply said that I was a medical and professional secret. It goes against the ethic and lets change the conversation.

Next to this answer she started to nick name and calling me cute young man as she realized that she was a bit older than me and she was teasing me about that. And we there the kind of ‘romance’ started from that point as I asked her how to seduce a French woman. And her answer was very wise as she told me:

“You just want to sleep with us”.


It was funny but with her I had the sexual attraction as well but it was more than sex in my mind. The feeling of being with her was much better than literally having sex. It was something that I never felt for anyone before I met her. It was already 1am in the morning and Lucile and her friend decided to go back to the hostel to go to sleep as the had to catch a train the next morning because they were changing their destination. But the hope was that they would be still in Thailand for fifteen days and they want to meet me in town when they come back. When it was time to go, we shared a hug and kisses on the cheeks and they left. Now there was only François, Jonathan and I. we decided to go to club. On the way to the club, François was teasing me about the fact that I did not accompany Lucile in her room. Her name was always in my mouth from that point and I could not get her out of my head. When we reach the club, it was almost empty and we all decided to go back home. The good thing was that it was walking distance. We went back home and while I was smoking a cigarette in the common room, Lucile came downstairs as she was going for shower and again we sat down and talk for a while before she move to the shower. I went to sleep with her still in my mind. I slept like a baby that day. I woke up in a very good mood and I woke up very early. I woke up around 6am and I was hoping that maybe I will see her before she leave. I went downstairs to smoke a morning cigarette take a shower and sit down for a while. And to my great surprise, Lucile was there again smoking a cigarette before going to shower. We were talking and she told me that they missed their train because the clock alarm did not rang and that they will take the night train. I was sad in a sense but on the other hand I was happy that I would be able to see her again.


That day, we sat down in the common room, we joked and talked a lot. Then we played few games. I played guitar and sang for her. Then we did like a karaoke party with her singing the French songs and playing the guitar. It was just amazing and frankly speaking if I could turn back time and relive this moment I will not hesitate to relive that moment. But as all good things has an ending, it was time for them to go back home and it was a sad moment for us as we could feel that the aura around us was really a sad one. We all tried to put a smile on our faces but we all knew deep down that we were sad at that particular moment. Lucile was gone and my weekend also was almost gone. We got some new friends that same night, it was really fun but it was not the same. The next morning, Jonathan and I had to catch a bus to go back to town. At the bus stop, we met two amazing Chinese young lady who were also going back to town with their heavy luggage. They were really nice and beautiful. There is no doubt about that. We put their luggage inside of the bus and communicate with them despite that their English was very poor. But still we were able to talk. Jonathan managed to get a Rendezvous’ with them but I was not too keen about it. At that point of time even if someone brought me ten thousand smoking hot women I would still want to be with Lucile. Jonathan was asking me what is wrong with me and I was asking to myself what is wrong with me. We reached back home really late and as soon as I reached home, I just fell asleep because I was very weak and exhausted. That night I slept without a proper shower and without having my diner. The next morning, as soon as I woke up I texted Lucile friend through Facebook to ask about their trip because Lucile lost her phone earlier and there was no way I could communicate with her directly. Eventually she replied to me saying that it was great and that they were really sad when they left also as we all had an amazing time together but the positive note was that we will meet when the come in town for two days before going back to France. And we will meet in six days time.


I was counting these days like I was waiting for exam results. But one thing was that I was almost financially broke due to the fact that I spent a lot of money during the weekend. But I did not care as I said to myself I have to meet her one more time.

Few days later, I got a text message saying that they were in town and that they wanted to meet up. The thing is that it was just an unlucky timing because it was late night already and with traffic jam and everything it would be very difficult to meet up on time. So we decided to meet up the next day. The next day I went to meet them at their hotel with Jonathan. Then we took a train that was very choked up and visited few famous places and took some photos. Afterwards we went for diner all together but Jonathan and I did not eat because we already had an early diner at home. Up next we went to a bar, we took a tower of beer drink and dance a lot. Lucile was teaching me how to dance rumba back there. I had the moment of my life. But we couldn’t talk too much because the music in the bar was really loud. Next to this, we took a taxi and sent the girls home. We shared our supposedly last hug and everyone went back to his or her place. I messaged the girls saying that we reached home safely before I sleep.


The next morning her friend texted me saying that Lucile was sick and that she has to go to clinic. But the thing was that they did not speak that much of English. However despite having only few pennies in my wallet, I managed to get there but where I reached her area I couldn’t find her place. I walked for few hours and I still couldn’t find the place and everybody was telling that they don’t know where that place is. It was hard but when I finally reached the hotel, the receptionist told me that the girls have already left since this morning. I was confused. And I decided to sit down and think about what’s next. Suddenly I saw the girls coming back to their hotel and Lucile seemed really sick. They were really happy when they saw me and I was really happy when I saw them as well.


I greeted them then we went inside the hotel reception hall and Lucile sat down for a while before going to rest and lie down a bit before getting on the move to go to the airport. It was really scary as she was about to take a plane being sick but the positive side was that she had her medications. We were trying to get a taxi in front of the hotel to bring them to airport but we couldn’t find one due to the fact that it was 6pm and usually at this time around there is traffic jam. So we decided to take a train to the airport and I carried Lucile luggage until the train station, inside the train and at the airport.


And this time when it was time to live she thanked me for everything and give me a tight and huge hug and few kisses. You could feel that it was a genuine feeling and that it was really the last goodbye.

I texted them while I was at home we talked a bit before they took off. As they were having a transit flight, I got news from them after two days. When Lucile and I were talking we were talking about how we feel about each other and we couldn’t talk much because of time zone difference.

The last time I texted her she didn’t reply until today.

As from now on I am on hold waiting to see her again I would ever meet her again and I am thinking about what’s next and what is the unexpected moment that she will bring into my lonely and boring life again.

Hopefully to be continued……