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Memory Recall

Time is just passing by and ı am not yet where ı want to be! Damn! But ı am confident that everything will get better very soon. I am one step closer day by day people!


As for now ı am thinking about my life. I am thinking about my past. I remember all the moments as if it was yesterday. These memories are what drives me actually. These memories are what have shaped me. Whether they are good and bad memories, they are beneficial to me. Why?

The reason is just that bad memories has shaped me and made me stronger and good memories give me energy to move forward.


As from now, ı am not scared to dream big anymore. I am not scared to say what is on my chest. I am not scared to see the bigger picture and ı am not scared to be myself. Few years back, ı did not have any plans regarding my future in my head. But things has changed people! Now ı want everything! I want to achieve my goals.  Do not get me wrong here please. When ı say that ı want everything, it means that I want my surrounding to be happy and successful. I want to be happy and successful as well. I want to build my own and unique path. I want to find my love life partner.


Trust me! I dream big people! However, the path that ı have chosen is not an easy one. The reward will be great but it is not easy at all. It involves a lot of work that need to be done step by step and gradually. You will lose people who you had connection with along the way. You will get misunderstood a lot. There will be a lot of prejudice and gossipping about you. But you need to be steady. Do not let anybody or anything prevent you from doing what you want. Never let bo of your dreams because dreams do come true with hard work, dedication and passion.


There will be some days where you will feel lazy, sick and not in the mood. But the key here is that you must not allow those things to stop you. These are some of the reasons why so many people fail to achieve their goals. But if you want success, you have to continue where the others let go. This is what will bring you success. You never know how close you are in reaching your target. So please do not let go people! Hold on!


Use your memories to give you the drive that you need to get your work done. Use the sad memories to remind you that you do not want to have one more sad memory. Use these memories to give you strength. When you will think about all the people who are backing you up, you will get more courage to get it done. Then close your eyes and imagine your dream. Imagine your dream life. This will help you continue doing what you are best at.


Just imagine that you can make your life a dream and your dream your life! Wouldn't that be awesome? I bet it would! Just use your passion, imagination and creativity. From a scratch you can go anywhere as you have nothing to lose.