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The heart is for human kind

Mixture of Emotions

You are so close but yet so far! There was a time when you were the one who were removing my doubts but since you've left me you have reinstalled that doubt. Every single day I have been waiting for you. Now that you are back, I am scared! Scared about our so-called love. I love you but do you feel the same?  Before your departure everything was so great! Now that you came back everything seem so different.

Maybe we can get through this with time. Time has the answer for everything. The only thing that I am sure of is that I want you to be the happiest woman alive.I did not know that you were going through trouble at the first place and there was no mean of communication available for us. Now that you are back, is it for good or will it be the same. Will it be like you will have to go back again? Will it be like you will leave like a soldier again? It is so hard sometimes, so many questions but I am trying to stay positive. Deep down of myself I know that life is planning something great for me. The best recipe that you can ever imagine. A mixtureof emotions specially concocted for me.

I have prayed so hard for you to come back soon but now that you are here, I still doesn't have the first time satisfaction yet. You asked me what is going on with me and why am I so sad. To be honest with you, I do not have an exact answer to give you. I am just putting my tears in words right now, in fact your tears. I am putting all my doubts here, hoping they will go away. My silence says everything. Give me some time to sleep on it and then we can see what is the next move.

Wishing so hard and loving so hard can bring you towards a wreck sometimes but for you I am ready to break or rise. I am not scared to jump for you since your absence has justified your presence. Nonetheless, your presence is not justifying your love yet. But now we have to let it go. I hope that you can take my heart again. I gave you the keys to my heart once, you took the keys and ran away with them but for now I am wishing that you still have them.

All we can do for now is only wait and see. See how to fix the broken bonds. See how to restart everything. It shall not be easy but it is not impossible. It is not impossiblee to fall in love again. I still remember that there was a time when I was falling in love with you everyday. And now if not why not.