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My Asian 'Lao Po'

Uhm! What can i say about her. There is too much to say and i don’t really know where to start. I can say that we are the exact opposite of each other on almost every ground. She is a nice person but with very strong principle and discipline in life and that had an effect on me.

When i knew her, i liked to party a lot and drink a lot but she is not into those kind of things. Before going further, you can see that i have written ‘Lao po’ in my title. It means wife in mandarin but don’t get too carried away because i am not married yet. It is just that i am not ready. Lao po is just how i call her because everytime that i call her lao po she would just smile, blush and say:

“ i am not your lao po”

The thing is that i like it when she says that to me as i find it really cute. One more thing that contributes to that also is that she has an accent and that is really nice. We do spend a lot of time together and i really like it but she always think that i am bored with her and i don’t know why. Never mind! She is very talkative and nag a lot as well and i will not hide that sometimes it's pretty much annoying but nonetheless i do like her. She is a person to whom i can discuss my strengths and limitations with without any doubt.

She’s one of a kind. What makes me like her more is that she is kind of stubborn. But sometimes she goes overboard with it. She is very hot tempered as well. She addresses issues right away. Is it a good thing for our relationship? For this one i am not sure. I know some people are scratching their heads and asking themselves how did we met and got together? To be honest with you i don’t really know. All i know is that i love her and hopefully she love me as much as i love her as well.

One more thing is that she is very conscious with money compared to me who was not conscious about it. She made me grow up in a way and for that i am very and extremely grateful to her. Every cents that she spends she will count it and sometimes i'm like just take it for god sake. Well! As soon as i say that she will give me a speech about how hard it is to get that money. When i say every cents its even for food.

When it comes to food i think we are ok excepts for few things. She introduced me to some of the local food and i love it by the way. This reminds me that our date was in a Japanese restaurant and we had sushi. Before that day i had a perspective that sushi is weird and its not good because of the raw fish. I even said to myself that i will never eat this. And the fact that i eat it now proves the theory that we should never say never. When i ate it that day, i was like oh my god! It was just awesome. I fell in love with it to be honest. Those who haven’t tried it yet you should try it. And yes! I forgot to mention that i was late for the first date. Lol! That day as i can recall we went to another restaurant after the sushi where there is a lake and i like this place. I thought that it was romantic but later on she confessed to me that this place is horrible to her. Its pretty funny right. Afterwards we went to a shopping mall and watched a movie there. Now i will not hide that i don’t like going to cinema and shopping mall. But we had a good time that is the most important. It was the longest date I’ve ever had in my life. We part ways at around three in the early morning. She just dropped me back home. Its weird because i'm the one who was supposed to drop her back home. But it doesn’t matter as even our love is kind of weird.

Next to that day everything went smoothly until we became a couple. Now as i know her more, i am kind of used to her. When she goes to work i cook for her even though she won’t admit that i can cook good food. Sometimes she bakes cake and i will just finish all of them and again she will nag a lot. Every Time that she finish to take shower she will ask me to blow her hair with the hair dryer. And when i ask her why she will just say:

I like it babe”

If i say no she will get mad at me.lol! But i do it as it does not cost me anything. However the only thing that i will not do is carrying her handbag. lol! In her culture, the guys have to carry the bag of their wives and girlfriends. For me i am not ready to do this one as it is in public and the bag does not fit me as a man. It touches my pride. Hahah! When we go out she understands that she has to carry her own bag. This is the kind of cultural differences that we have. And talking about going out. If she’s driving, make sure you have a life insurance. The reason is that she is not a bad driver but she drives very fast and it scares me as hell. In fact she is always in a hurry. A hurry for what? I have no idea! Sometimes i even tell her to chill but she doesn’t care as she is doing her things. Even for holidays she is like that.

For me if i am on a holiday, i am very very chill. I decide everything on the spot. But for her she has to have a timetable and a list of places that she want to visit. And here again we do clash but afterwards we end up together again.

She is an amazing woman who i am fond of despite that we have different ways of doing and looking at things. Even though she is shy to say the words i love you, i say it to her everyday. Despite that she says her eyes are too small, i admire them everyday. Despite that she says she is too fat, i appreciate her body shape everyday. What will happen to us i don’t know! Only time will tell but i am hoping to reach a beautiful destination.