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Online Cheers

I love to talk to people a lot. Yesterday I definitely got a new friend or new friends. True story here people! We are friends on facebook for a few weeks now!  He always like and read my stories. So it was already as if he knew me already! But we never had a private conversation. If you get what I mean! So he messaged me into a pretty simple way!


"Hi! How are you doing?"


Eventually, I answered him and from there we got to have a very nice and awesome conversation. We were talking about random stuffs as well like how was your day and how is your family? Then the conversation took another way round into an entertaining and informative one.


While talking to my friend Wesley, I got to know that he knows one of my uncles and he was a very good friend of my deceased grandmother. When we reached to that point I was absolutely surprised that he knew her and that he knows so many of my friends at the same time. The fact that he mentioned my deceased grandmother just brought me somewhere else at the same time. It just brought back all the good moments that we had together. She was never sick in fact. When she passed away, she stayed in hospital for few days and unconscious. Then she passed away very quietly and peacefully. It was as if an angel was going to paradise. I did not tell that to Wesley yesterday but this is what has happened to me.


Afterwards, we went to the point where we were talking a bit about working life and I think that a very big plan emerged from that. Sometimes you do not know where a simple conversation can lead you. We just have to go with the flow. We learned so many things from each other. I may not have told my friend that I learned a lot but deep down I know that I have learned a lot of things and information. All this without forgetting that a new real friendship has begun and not just a virtual friendship.


It was like a blessed day for me yesterday people! I was having a hard issue even to solve. And again here while talking to another friend out of the blue, she gave me the perfect solution to my issue. And it was not my intention to go into that direction. It just happened. And this issue is an issue that I have been trying to solve for months. The solution just popped up from a new friend who was just virtual at first place. The world is so small people! You never know where the right answer for your question lies!


It is true that you cannot trust anything or anybody online. But if we are lucky a bit, online friends can make us change our perspectives and provide us with the right as well as with the perfect answer for our questions. Today I want to say cheers to all those who make good things happen online, to those who put a smile on someone else's face, to tbose who share their knowledge and to those who share love to one another.

Cheers people!