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The heart is for human kind


I’ve always been fascinated when i look at a pregnant woman and i still am. The thing is that they look so beautiful and natural when they are pregnant. It is like mother nature that has been personified.

When i look at a pregnant woman, the first thing that come to my mind is:

“this is amazing!!”

The reason is that there is life growing within the womb of the woman. The few kicks that the baby is giving to her and her body is changing for a purpose. The body is changing in order to be able to feed the baby and give him the best nutrition possible. Another good thing is that they do not need to care about their weight much. They can afford to eat a lot. All these combines gives a beautiful result that we can see with our own eyes.

The body change is so nice. You can see bigger breast and the hair change as well as the nails. And these changes brings like a special characteristics to them. The spread a special kind of aura that you will never feel around someone that is not pregnant. On their face as well you can feel that they have this special glow as well.

Another perspective is that for me when i look at a pregnant woman, i can see strength, motherhood and caring. Strength in the sense that you know it is not that easy to walk around with a baby for nine months. Strength in the sense that they will have to work really hard during labour. The sense of motherhood and caring comes with the fact that a mom will give everything for her children. When i look at a pregnant woman it reminds me of my own mother as well. It just bring me in like a kind of comfort zone i will say. The safest and most comfortable place on earth. It is inside our mother’s womb.

Then, when you think about what is going on inside the pregnant woman body, i always just say to myself that this body is creating a new life. This body is bringing a new face, a new personality and future in this world. When i think about it, the body of a pregnant woman is not only hers but for her and her baby. And some more the body has a purpose on earth. Life can come out of that body. For me all these aspects just tell me if you want to know the definition of love, then find a pregnant woman.

But sometimes i am sad also when i think about pregnancy. There are so many beautiful woman out there who really want to have a baby but they cannot. But my message for these women is that they should not get discouraged. Their time will come. Just be hopeful. Several failures always lead to success. And it does not matter whether you give life early or late. The outcome is the same. You will give someone life. You will love them, cherish them and care about them. I know that it is not easy for you to lose a baby and not being able to give birth. The only thing is that you just need time. Time to allow all sufferings to be healed and time to allow mother nature work on you. When you will least expect it you will just find yourself pregnant and with a baby.

To all women out there who are pregnant or are suffering because they lost a baby, i send you all my appreciation. Appreciation for your strength, courage and willingness. And love for everything that you go through with us from day 1 until the end. I know we do not thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to be there. Lets make everyday mothers day as everyday there are thousands of new life on earth.