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The heart is for human kind


Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you people. Now it is a new start and it is something really nice. We are ready to face new challenges and acheive new goals. we have taken a break and now it is time to get back to work. For me personally, I have been caught up during the festivity periods with all the preparations and travelling as well and all of these are really time consuming mostly when you live far away from your famiy and friends. However, here we are again. More ready than ever and better prepared to take this new ride. 

But now as i have said earlier, it is time for us to get back to work. It is the time for us to keep on doing the good things that we have been doing and improve stuffs that need improvement. What has happened in 2016 belongs to 2016 and now here again we have another 365 days to do better things. Now one year has passed already and we have learned and acheived a lot of things. We have been disappointed as much as we have received a lot of yoy from the previous year. What we can do from here is only learn from those mistakes and bring in new phylosophies and mentalities. I firmly believe that we as the human race we have the ability to improve ourselves. We as human race we can be whoever we want in this world as long as we find our path and centre of gravity. Human race gets old with time for sure but we get better as well. The older we get the wiser we are and it is something that is inevitable. We are like wine. The older we get and the better we get and age has nothing to do with it.

What we can do as from now is to take some time and think about what's next. Set our goals and in case we do not have a goal for now, don't worry too much about it as sometimes we get goals along the way. It is just like a match of soccer. I love soccer by the way and the way that I look at life, it is just like a match of soccer. You have your own team and there is a lot of activities that is revolving about it. Sometimes you get injured or sick but you are able to get up and go back to normal as well. Season after season we just need to be there and work towards improvement. But life is not a competion in my eyes though. Life is just life.

As from my part here, there will be a lot of change this year whether it will be in terms of environment or social status and so on but I will definitely enjoy the ride. I will be approaching this new year on a more postive foot. There will be a minimum room for mistakes this year. At least i will try my best. haha! A lot of projects are already on the move and I am really excited to see what will the out come be. This year shall be exciting for real. It definitely can be a great turning point of my life as well as yours people. So, let's see what is to come next and i am hoping for the best for each and everyone of us.

So here we are people! We got everything brand new now and it is time for us to restart and reboot. I hope that all of you are having or had a great time with your kins. In case that you are alone by yourself as well, I really wish that you had a great time and stay positive in whatever you are doing or in whatever situation you are. Human power has no limit and we all form part of human race. So wherever you are, just have a great day or a great night and live life to the fullest and go beyond your limits.