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The heart is for human kind

That's it

Everything that we do in life has a benefit and the core benefit behind is our personal benefit. It may sound selfish to you but this is how it is. Some people happiness might come from money, clothes, a brand new car, family and love. Whatever it is, it makes us happy! There is nothing wrong in seeking happiness. Nonetheless, there is a way of doing things. There is an ethical code in doing whatever we do. Let's make sure that we do things that will not leave a staint on our happiness. If we are doing something good for ourselves, let's be genuine and let's not use, manipulate and hurt others. There is nothing worse than having your empire being constantly disturbed by guilt and remorse.

Whatever you want to acheive, I deeply believe that you will take the best decision and do things right. The road may sound or look uneasy but when we go through storms we become stronger and the reward is greater. Here, I am not saying that I am perfect but instead I am trying to promote integrity. Together, we can march on the right track. If we are doing something alone sometimes we may go faster whereas if we stick together, we will be stronger. I know that it may sound ambiguous to you but just give it a thought. 

Our ego most of the time ask us not to seek help from anybody. But the reality is that there is no shame in looking for help. There is no shame in seeking for an advice from a friend. We often spend a lot of time and energy on simple stuffs. What I mean here is that what might seem complicated to us might be very easy for one of our friends. So do not feel downgraded when you need to ask for a favor. Feel good about it! At least you are learning something new! and Hey! We cannot be experts in everything in this world. 

Here we are people! Life is amazing people! Let's not make it complicated! Let's enjoy this ride! Let's live with our perfect imperfections! Be kind, be nice, be friendly, be awesome, be happy and least but not last, love one another as much as you love yourself people!