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The Birth and Growth of the New Generation

I can remember that when i was a kid we did not need much things to enjoy ourselves. From my perspective i can say i had a great childhood. We would play games that involves role plays where there will be a mother, dad and kids. The only stuffs that we needed to play this game was soil, leaves and an old can. We had fun playing it. The girls would be cooking the stuffs in the old can and the guys would go to work. Its kind of funny when i think about it.

Another game that we loved to play was football. Even though we did not have any equipment, we would go to the neighbour teams and play against them . Then they will come to our field and play again. At the end of the day we all had fun and the best thing is that the losing team would pay for drinks and cakes for the wining team at the end of the match. There was no referee or anything like that. But i can guarantee you that there were a lot of emotions in our matches. Sometimes there will be even fights but at the end we were all friends.

One more thing was that we love playing in the forest. We would go there pick fruits, climb trees and even look for wasp and bees. Very often we would get injured but we had a lot of fun. At that time this was the most important. We would just go back home for fifteen minutes to eat and then leave again.

However, nowadays things have changed. Sometimes when i look at my brother and ask myself what is wrong with you. I ask myself this question because i don’t see him go out. He would just be there all day having fun by himself. Let me tell you how. He would wake up early morning, then he would check his tablet. Yes! You heard me well!  Nowadays nine years old kids have a tablet. He will check his Facebook on tablet, see his messages and missed calls. Funny thing is i don’t know who texts or call a nine years old. I don’t even know how does he use Facebook. But that is just the way it is and i accept it.

Afterwards, he would do some of the tasks that he is asked for such as cleaning his room and maybe one more task. Even this extra task is not even often done. After he is done, he will open his laptop and guess what? Lol! He would open a game. Most of the time it is fifa. And i will not hide that sometimes i do join him and play with him. By the time that he is done playing. Ok wait. Its not like he is really done  but it is more like when it is time to eat my mom will call him to go and eat. He will take his time to eat and then finish his game.

Then around three o’clock, he will shut down his laptop and start watching cartoon. And these are not like the cartoons that we had back in the days. But its more of like the cool cartoons that we have nowadays which are full of fake stuffs. Its not like tom sawyer or Oliver twist that during my childhood i enjoyed a lot. After cartoons, he will find something to eat and sit down to get some fresh air in front of the house for like thirty minutes. Next to this he will go back inside again and guess what? He will open the PlayStation this time. Now he will play his game of car racing or some stuffs like that until diner time and then go to sleep. At the end of the day, he spent the whole day at home and had no contacts with people from outside.

It really pains me to see this happen. It pains me because at that time i did not care about those things. The only things that i cared about was playing with my friends. I was barely at home as i was riding bicycle with mi friends or i would be in the forest or we would be playing football. The fun that we had during those days was more than enough but we never had enough. Just imagine! It was just crazy. But sadly this is how things are going on nowadays and we cannot do ‘anything’ about it. But what i can say is that for my generation staying at home for the whole day was like torture.

The way things are going nowadays is crazy. A kid will ask you for a phone. Yes! A real one! Then when they get fed up of it they will ask you for a tablet. Afterwards, they will ask you for a laptop. Next to the laptop comes the PlayStation. And next to these which are the latest ones which are the drones and the hover boards. The thing is that all those things cost money and they want them badly.

Now this makes me very thoughtful about myself and the next generations to come. Im thinking about what is coming next. How the social life of the next generation will be. And if one day i have kids, what will they ask me for. I prefer not thinking about it too much because when i think about it there is a gigantic conflagration in my head. The only thing that i can say is that i will have to have a huge wallet in order to afford their toys which is kind of ironic. But after all everybody has their own way of educating their children.

My final thought is that this is the way the world is moving and we have to deal with it. We may accept or refute it but at the end of the day what counts is the end product which is the personality of the children rather than their career or whatsoever.