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The Camping Night

It is amazing how some people can make your day better. There are some people in our life that we cannot deny that they bring joy to us. It is just an undeniable truth.

I have known a lot of people so far and very often I think a lot about all these people. When I think about them, most of the time I just burst out laughing by myself. I laugh because we have shared so many memories together. The good memories as well as the bad ones!


I remember all the moments as if it was just yesterday. I keep a very good memory of all the people that I’ve known. I can recall the parties, the birthday parties, the New Years Eve, the camping and the late night walks. However there is of course of group of people that you have been closer to and that you can relate more to when your talking about your memories.


I remember one day we went for camping with our crew. Of course back home when we say camping we are not talking about camping in the mountains. We are talking about camping at the seaside. Near the beach! One of the members of our crew called us and said he would be late. Sammy told us he would be late because he has to play an official basketball match. He said that he would bring someone with him. Honestly speaking, we were cool with that. We are so close until today that we know we can trust and rely on each other.


Before going further, let me tell you that even to go to camping we had a tradition. All of us would have a meeting point, and then we would bring all our stuffs and walk to the beach. It would be a one-hour walk. Despite this on the way to the beach we were already having fun.


Yeah! Going back to Sammy here! Sammy brought his friend. It was a random guy who lives nearby the beach. He was a random guy to us because we did not know him. He joined us, we welcomed him! We treated him as if he was a real member of our crew because we were all there to have a good fun. One of the fundamental keys of our crew at that time is that we loved to tease each other. And those jokes could go really far. We used to teach each other’s family or physical appearance and so on. But at the end of the day we know that it was just jokes and we were fine with that as we were used to it already. So the guy that Sammy brought, his name was Geoffrey. Geoffrey was really at easy with us as we were not scary or intimidating people.


So now, with the alcohol already turning our heads around, we started teasing each other. We were having a lot of fun. The only thing that we did not do was to tease Geoffrey because we already knew that this thing could go really far. Usually, we do not sleep at all when we go camping. But Geoffrey was laughing at all the jokes and he start teasing all of us. We were fine! We were having fun. To see him so much relaxed and even having the guts to tease us the first he meets us. We were like this guy is awesome. We were thinking that we have a new member crew.


Crazy people as we were at that time, we were like yeah. Go ahead! Empty your bag! Geoffrey kept on going and mike and I we were having the moment of our life. Because the rules of this teasing game are that nobody will leave the camp without having some jokes against him and that there is no limit when it comes to this game. We allowed Mr. Geoffrey to do his best. When he was done mike looked at me and I looked back at mike with a kind of face, which says:


“You get what I mean!” lol!!

So mike started by saying:


 “Who is Geoffrey!”


Someone will reply:


“He does not exist!”


Seriously, it is one of our worst jokes. We did not do a big joke on him because we did not know how he would react. So mike went on and on with that and we were all laughing. What happen next was just unexpected. I do not think that any grown man would consider himself into this kind of position.

Geoffrey just starts crying. And all surprised we were still laughing but at the same time asking him why is he crying. Sammy gave us a signal so that we stop teasing him.

However mike and I were having the moment of our life and we were not ready yet. We were not ready to stop teasing Geoffrey. At around 3:00 am, Geoffrey decided to leave the camping tent secretly. We did not know. Then after a while we realized he was not there.


We started to panic as well as we were thinking maybe he went to do something crazy. We called him, no response. Thank god Sammy had his bike with him that day. He went to his house and Geoffrey walked back to his place.


At the end of the day we were al safe and sound as well as enjoying the moment. But this was the last time that we saw Geoffrey unfortunately.