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The Childhood of a Spoil Kid

Growing up as a kid was really great for me. I got every toys i wanted to have and any capricious thing that i wanted to have. However, when you are a spoiled kid you always tend to exceed the limit. During that period of time i was flawless and fearless. I controlled everything and everyone around me and i had a problem as well. The problem was that i could not control my anger. But everything changed when i went to primary school. Let me tell you the story as it happened.

When i went to primary school, i always fight with other kids, with my teacher as well as the school caretakers. I would do stuffs like cutting the cue at the canteen or curse teachers with some pretty strong words and i really hated school. Every morning my parents would be running after around the house to get me to go to school. So i was a very annoying kid as you can imagine. Mostly when i'm not getting what i am asking for. But things were about to change. When i entered fourth grade, i had to work with a new teacher. Her name was miss green. Miss green would send me to the principal office almost everyday for bad conduct. Along the way, she realised that this did not have any impact on my behaviour. So at the end of the first semester she changed her approach with me and therefore stopped sending me to the principal's’ office. What she did however at that point was brilliant.

First thing she did was that she convocated my parents. She had a meeting with them and until today i am still unaware about what did they talk. I was a brilliant student but i had a very bad conduct. Next to this, every afternoon after school i had to stay with her while the other kids were going home. This i have to admit was a very painful moment for me. During the period of time that she was with me she would work with me on my least favourite and weak subject which was mathematics. Then , everyday she would take a walk with me. She asked me not to walk too fast every time. The walk that we were having was not an ordinary walk. It was a walk that was a therapy for me. The only thing at that time was that i did not know that it was a therapy. We would walk on the side of a long drainage. Which means if i run or walk too fast i may risk getting all dirty or injured. While walking she would ask me small stuffs like how was your day or why are you so angry and so on. After a while, i start liking it even  and i was looking forward to see her every afternoon as i got very comfortable with her around. My behaviour started changing in school as she put her trust in me and we had a bond.

Then one month later my parents registered me into a boxing school. I started going to training and my coach was really great and patient with us. The only thing was that i used boxing in my occasional fights in school and i would not stop until i saw blood. My teacher only had to be there at that time and i would stop. She eventually gave a phone call to my parents who gave a phone call to my coach. When i went to training that same afternoon, my coach taught me a lesson. He left me out of the training group and after training he came to me and tell me boxing is a sport mostly in the head and on a ring. He explain to me if i fight with anger i will always lose whereas if i fight with my head i would be wiser. Somehow with all the pain inside me as well as the anger, his speech really left me thoughtful and speechless.

From there i knew that i had to put an end to all these childish behaviours. I was no more fighting in school and i had a lot more friends. The others were not scared of me anymore. And i have to confess that it was a nice feeling. All the anger that i had went in my training instead. I used it while i had to run and on punching bags. It is the best feeling ever. People always think that boxing requires a lot of aggressivity. But boxing is all about touching without being touched and scoring more touches than the opponent. Everything is in the head. It is a mind game. So i will say that boxing really helped me become who i am today and for that i am forever grateful to my coach who happens to be one of the best in the whole country.

But my teacher was the one who was brilliant and excellent. Now when i look back at it she is the one who started the job of making me a better person. She was working with my parents and i on her own free time. The walk was to teach me how to be patient. The small talks were to get to know what my problem was and finally the place of the walk was to show me that if i'm too brutal things can get dirty, messy and that i risk injuring myself along the way. Of course during that time i could not say that. But subconsciously it had a very huge impact on my behaviour. And even on my results , huge improvements were being seen. I was top of the class.  That technique was just awesome.

Im sharing this today because maybe somewhere and somehow there may be someone struggling in that sense. It can be a teacher or a student. Like my teacher never gave up on me you can do so too. Please don’t give up! Life can be hard sometimes we may fail, we may fall, we may stumble but what makes us strong is to get up and work on self improvement. From there, everything can change. Until today i don’t know how to thank my teacher and my coach. However i hope that by writing this today i am showing them my gratitude and their rewards.