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The Forbidden Love

Here is the love story of a friend of mine. He is one of my best friends in fact. He fell in love with a very beautiful young lady name Amelia.  Amelia is a very nice and understanding person. This is the reason why we are good friends as well. Amelia has been dating my friend for the past three years and my friend has finally proposed to tie a knot with her. Of course she said yes!


One thing you need to know here is that my friend Jameson has chocolate caramel complexion skin color whereas Amelia is Caucasian. But they both share the same nationality. What was about to happen next will surprise you. When they went to visit each other’s family, the parents got really awkward. On Amelia side, her mother keep on asking her whether she is sure that she want to marry my friend Jameson and same thing on Jameson’s side. So it was weird for both of them. And the craziest part of it is that things were getting more and more complicated between the families. The reason is simple here. The world does not want to say it but there is still racism. The real reason why both of these families do not want this wedding is because of skin color.


We live in a small town where there is not much things going on. And still some people do not want to associate themselves with people of a different color. Come on! We are in 2016 already. Those days are over! The time to be small-minded is over! The saddest thing is for my two friends. They really love each other. Now both of them have to do a wedding without the blessing of their parents. It is not easy. It just complicates their lives for no reason.


I mean seriously! The age of slavery is over! The age of colonial master is over as well. Why do some people just put that into their heads? But for me sometimes when I see situation like this it makes me feel sad for sure. On the other side it is kind of funny. It is kind of funny because I know that those people do no really know what they are doing. It is funny also because they do not want to associate themselves to another ‘race’ but the reality is that there is only one race. And the one race is called human race. It is funny also because in those circumstances you get to see who really value you for who you are not based on your skin color. We have so many hypocrites nowadays! So from now on we really get to see them with their true faces.


But the only thing that I am sure of is that my friends will be happy together. They are getting married very soon and I wish them all the best. They will have to stay strong together and for each other. I hope that instead of willing to break their relation, time will allow them to learn how to accept the fact that these two people love each other and are together. I really hope they will! Because we do not leave in a society where our parents chose our bride or groom. I estimate that this is a choice that we have to do by ourselves. But please if that happen to you, do not get mad at your parents! Sit down and explain to them. I am sure with time when they see you together they will finally say that you made the right choice.


To be in that position can be pretty tough I know but I am sure you will be able to deal with it. As for now let’s all of us say no to racism in whatever the form it comes.