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The Power of Failure

Life sometimes has certain ways of testing us. There are ups and downs! Very often when life brings us down, we tend to feel discourage. When we face difficulties, we prefer to abandon our goals and focus on something else. It is ok to fail sometimes. this is how we know our limitations and strength. However, it is not ok to let go too early and too easily.

I know that the situation might not be easy sometimes but we need to know when to get up. We need to know when to fight back. Nothing good comes easy people! Life is hard sometimes yes! But life is amazing as well. When you feel that you lack direction or motivation, reajust your sail. When life brings you down, get up stronger. can you do it? Hell yes! Failure can be a blessing in disguise. When you fail, you get to know your surrounding better. who is genuine and who is not! 

When life brings you down, you can use this failure as a source of motivation. You stop everything and you restart on a new and fresh page. But this time, you will be begining the new chapter with more experience and conviction. This will allow you to be bullet proof as well. You will be someone stronger in every aspect. You will be stronger mentally, psychologically as well as physically. So the next time that you fail, just remember that it is a rebirth, a new dawn and a new chapter for you. Most of the time, the final destination is more beautiful than the destination you were intending to go at the first place.

The post failure is very enjoyable as well. It allows you to look back at where you were and where you are right now. Isn't that amazing people? You will recall all the unexpected moments that brought you down and say to yourself that you made it. You will say to yourself that you are still alive and better than ever. It is like a revenge that you took in a peaceful way against your struggles. The best thing to do is to enjoy every single bites of our lives. by the time we will leave this world we can say to ourselves that we have left a legacy behind us for the younger generations. You are special and unique. In fact each and everyone of us is special. What we can do is that we can make the most out of it through will power. Explore your potentional and expand it into a meaningful manner.

Do not let failure destroy you but instead, allow that failure to build you up. Allow your failure to strengthen you! Allow your failure to give you experience and learn from it! Allow your failures to drive you in order to reach your maximum potential when it comes to success. You may fail many times but one day your time will come! Your success will be obvious! And guess what? It is all the failures that have shape and mold everything for you to be who you are.