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The heart is for human kind

The Woman

Sometimes, there are emotions that you cannot control. A lot of times, people say that distance kills the love that we have for someone. However, there are exceptions. However, distance can be in our favour.

It takes time and distance to realise that you love someone. With distance, you get to know who really loves you. I met a beautiful girl few years ago. Despite that we are from the same small hometown, we never got to meet each other there. But life has surprising ways of giving you nice people thag that you can rely on in your life. So many times I asked god to allow me to find love. But destiny has decided that the contrary should happen. Love found me!

The woman that I am talking about is not an ordinary woman. In fact, no woman is an ordinary woman. Everybody has flaws and strengths. But the woman I am talking about is very special to me and I have never felt this way for anyone else. She is just one of a kind. We can talk everyday! At any time! every minute! hour! We never get bored of each other. When there is nothing left to say, the silence speaks for itself.

When I am with her, my creativity just comes out naturally. My mood just change and I feel like walking onto Mars just to please her. My day just become perfect. I know that what I am saying may sounds crazy and fake to you but I can assure you that it is the truth.

Everything just comes naturally with her. She is not my girlfriend and I am not her boyfriend. But the kind of conversations that we have are not topics that friends usually talk about. We know that the love for each other is there though. We talk about building something together. We talk about how our wedding should look like and how many guests we should have. We talk about how we will educate our children. As you can see, it is no ordinary kind of conversation.

For now though, we stay down to earth. we cherish the moment that we are having together and we remain hopeful for our future. You never know what a pregnant night can bring. For now, let's just see what happens next.