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The heart is for human kind

The manufactured Love

In this world there are certain treasures that we need to cherish and once we get these treasures we should never let them go. One of these treasures is love. Love is something that can really drive us crazy as well as willing to give everything. Sometimes we misunderstand the concept whereas sometimes we get it right as well. Sometimes we argue and sometimes we have a very good time. All of it forms part of the whole concept including the term that we refer as relationship.

Quite often I hear people saying that they have found love and sometimes I hear some people say that love have found them. To be honest with you here, I think that love is not something that we find despite that we are often seeking for it. I believe that love is something that we built. I believe that when we say that we have found love, we have only found someone that attracts us and that we feel that can be a good connection in between. But love comes after that or it doesn't as well. In my personal opinion, this is how it works. We have all these principles where we compiment each other, we are being nice and polite. But how genuine are all these at first? Sometimes I tend to think that we just tend to be good dates based on what we have learned from social media or any other source. We tend to try to find love based on the advices that we have got.

But what if love is something bigger than that. What if we put all these advices aside and we just stay true to who we are? So many relationships and couples has failed nowadays because of this kind of spiral where almost everything has been 'fake' at the start of the relationship. It has failed due to the fact that both or one of the partner has not been genuine to the other or each other. This is how it has all started. I do not think anybody need to be lied to in that sense. We just need to say how we feel and what is on our chest because when we are not sincere in that angle, nobody will know how each other feel. That's the reality in which we are living nowadays and the outcome is that a lot of people nowadays are saying that they do not believe in love anymore as well as relationships and they have the right to do and say so.

But it is not too late though. If we change things around and learn more about each other I am sure that there will be a lot of better outcome. If we are more sincere about how we feel I am sure that there will be more people who will be happy and less single parents family. If we are more intersted in the person rather that than what he or she is wearing or have, things will get better. If we are really ready to get to know that person instead of trying to please him or her, things will tend to work out rather pretty well. I am not saying that I know everything about love or my way is the best way for you to apply but what I am trying to do here is to share my perspective with you. You have the right to accept or reject it as well.

But I do still believe in love no matter what anybody says. Love is everywhere, we just need to open the eyes of our heart and we will find it. There is a lot of amazing people around us and all we got to do is to look beyond and above that drees,suit and amazing body. Then you will get to see an extraordinary person as well as a kind of love that you have never experienced before. It will not be a toxic love or anything like that because it will be something that you have built by yourselves and I sincerely do not believe that we will build something that can destroy ourselves. We will tend to build something that is from a solid base in regard to the human aspect.

here we are, I really hope that this can help us in finding what we are looking for as well as give us another perspective about this whole vast concept that we tend to call and refer to as love. It is something really amazing people. I would even go to say that it is even beyond a treasure.