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Undenieable Friendship

Damn!! There are some people who are definitely born to be late! Mostly my friends! Lol! These guys if your are in an emergency and you are about to lose your life, you should definitely not wait for them. Hahah!

Since childhood they were like that i thought they would change but they never did. Here i am not saying that i am always punctual but if i am late i will let you know and i would me most probably late for five minutes maximum! I don’t know whether you can relate to what i am saying here but do you have friends who always give you these responses when you call them to ask them where they are. They are as follow:


“ı am on my way now! Give me five minutes! I am just nearby!”


Well! If you don’t, I do! And most of the time I will to wait for them for thirty minutes or one hour. If it happens to you that one of your friends says that to you all the time, just keep in mind that they are most probably still at home or on their way to the bathroom. Lol!  By the time they get to me, I am already exasperated and my anger is already gone! And of course they are my friends. I know them. So I will not get mad at them for something like that. But this is some crazy mentality that we need to change I think. In this situation I do understand that I am waiting for them to go and play football or I am waiting for them to hangout.

But let’s change the scenario a bit! Imagine that it is a life threatening situation and that you really need them urgently! Do you think that you can rely on those guys to help you as soon as possible? I do not think so! Lol! They will be there when they are ready to be there! But if they are there already, of course they will be really helpful. I like to tease those guys everytime that they are late. I will ask them whether they were wearing their make ups or choosing their dresses. I believe that most man get ready pretty fast! Even my girl friends are always on time. They dress up, wear their make ups and do everything but still they are on time. But the guys are just crazy! For real! I mean it people!

However, the one thing that i cannot understand is why are they never late when they have a date or when they have to hangout with a girl? That’s crazy crazy crazy! That’s weird as well. When these guys have a date, most of the time they will be at the meeting point thirty minutes earlier in order to make sure that they are not late. Sometimes we men are weird and crazy. This is what i can see from where I am standing right now! Haha!



Well! after all what to do? We are who we are! No one is perfect! With time I just got used to it because i accept them with their qualities and weaknesses and i do think that they accept me the same with my qualities and flaws.


 I am sharing this to you because i have a great bond with my friends. I am not downgrading them. We are very far from there. Because they are then people who can instantly brighten my day. When i feel down, they are the people who can quickly comfort me and when i feel happy, i always share my joy with them. This how our friendship goes. When they feel down as well, i am always trying to be present to give them comfort and support. And of course they share their joys with me. All their parties, they do not need to send me an invitation card, but instead i know i am already in! And they will do the same too! Whether it is my birthday or any other celebration, i will just see them already present! The funniest thing is that they are the ones who will enjoy themselves the most!


Oh god I love my friends!