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Wedding Photographer

Yesterday night I was having a conversation with a wedding photographer. We were talking about how does she look at her job and so many stuffs that revolves around wedding. It is always nice to get to know from which perspective a wedding photographer looks at weddings.


From there, we get to a part of the conversation that went really deep. She was telling me that she does this job for a really long time now and while doing her photo shoots she know which couple will last long or which one is getting married for status and money issues and which one are getting married out of loneliness.


This conversation was really deep according to me. According to her when she is taking the picture already, she can feel it if there is a connection. Because normally the people who are getting married for love have this bond that is very obvious. Before being husband and wife, they are best friends. They may have different personalities. But you will see already that they want to go in the same direction, they have the same goal. In those cases, a smile is enough to say a lot of things. They know each other so well that they do not have to explain anything to each other. Even in the postures they are taking for the photo shoot. You will see that this relation is a happy and healthy one. This is what I call love!


Then there is the other couple where during the shoot you will feel that there is not much connection not to say any connection at all. Usually this kind of wedding, the bride or groom will not smile much. The kind of smile that you will get is the kind of smile that is usually used to save face when there is a camera focused on them. This is the kind of marriage where there is money involve in one-way or the other. So this is the kind of marriage that will break down easily according to her. Because they are usually done to please the family or only for money! Hum!! I cannot imagine myself in a position like this. On the day that is supposed to be the happiest day of your life you are unhappy already.


Then the other kind of couple that she can see are the ones who are getting married because they are getting old and they want to do it fast. The reason is that they want to settle down and have kids as soon as possible. These people usually have a good job and everything already. They just need someone in their lives. But the problem with these couples is that they will last yes! But from behind the scene there is a lot more going on. They will look like a very happy couple in the eyes of the world but it is at home that there are a lot of conflicts. And from there, one or both of them will have a mistress and extra conjugal affairs. They will not break up as well because they want to save face and they are ashamed most of the time to even think about it. So usually they will decide to stay together for the sake of the children or for their pride. Because some people will look at them differently if they get divorced! So it is kind of messed up if her theories are true.


But my favorite kind is the one that were together since high school and got married. They are just onto another level. These couples love each other as if they are losing each other anytime soon. they are this kind of bond and complicity that it is impossible for you to enter their world. You can see that they enjoy their world and it is a beautiful world as well. But the thing is that you will never understand them more than themselves. They have been lovers for so long. If one scratches his not, the other one will understand something from that movement already. These people are like the mentalist when they are together. Lol!


So I don’t know what to think about this conversation. It seems very plausible if you are a realistic person. If you are an idealistic person, you will be skeptic about it. So you guys can give me your thoughts about it. Tell me what do u think? Are these kind of wedding still trending nowadays? Why would you marry someone? What connection would you look for?