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The heart is for human kind

What Shapes Us

When it comes to who we are there are a lot of things that we need to take into consideration. There are certain things that are key to shape us such as norms, values and beliefs. These three things vary from time to time, place-to-place and society-to-society. Norm is something that is considered as normal in a particular society. For instance, the kind of clothes that we wear. Then there is value. Values are the behaviors that we consider as right such as help the needy. Then there is belief which what mostly we have faith in it and consider as the right path.


The society has put up different institutions that help us to apply these values, norms and beliefs. There is the institution of religion, which guides us by saying what is good and what is wrong. Then there is the institution of education, which help us achieve success in a formal, and an informal way. Next to this there is the family institution that helps us to procreate and nurture the kids. Then there is the government institution to make laws, punishments and collect taxes to pay for the development of the country. And the last institution is the economic institution, which helps in the supply, manufacture and delivery of goods as well as services.


All the above-mentioned institutions contribute in making us who we are. However, nowadays due to globalization and the current trends with the Internet and media, it seems to me that we are losing our culture slowly. The stuffs that we see from the media and external influences seem to influence us a lot. Is it good or not? This is something I cannot answer because culture has to change. It has been like that since the beginning of time. We are losing some of our core values as well. People do not value marriage as much as before nowadays. The religious institution does not have much power nowadays. More and more people do not believe in religion. People have also seen weaknesses in the education system where if you fail at school does not mean you failed you whole life. It is not a system that is suited for every one of us. It is as simple as that. In terms of the government, people criticize it a lot. They usually say governments are full of corrupted people, which is not always true. There are good and bad people everywhere.


So you can see that we are living in a world that put doubts on everything. Institutions that have been said to be for the good of the society have been having a lot of weaknesses. Our people have been so open minded that they do not see only a half- empty glass nowadays. They see both sides of each and every situation. But the thing is that there are always these doubts in our heads before taking a decision. How to get rid of those things? I do not know! But one thing that we can do is to be good to ourselves and to one another. If we start it, a lot of people will do it. I think that is the only way. It starts by one- self.


However, the one thing that I like about our world is that we are all unique. Our identity and who we are is completely different. In the eyes of the society, someone can be an extraordinary lawyer but back home he is an unfaithful unhappy husband. To the society i can be a scavenger but at home I am a great dad living in a happy family. The fact that we wear different caps is pretty interesting to me. We adapt to each and every single situation makes us unique as individuals. It is always fascinating to just observe people and how the go on with their lives. And honestly speaking, it is better this way. Imagine living in a world where everybody wears the same clothes and have the same perfume and so on. It would be boring. We would be like robots. Talk less of the fact that we are like robots in a sense. Wake up, go to work, come back home, eat, and sleep. That’s what we do most of the time. It is the way the society has mold us.


There is one thing that I am sure of though. Despite doubting each other, we all have kindness within us. We all have this human side that tells us this is not good! Stop doing it! As I always say:


“The heart is for human kind.”