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The heart is for human kind

What drives our world today?

Is it love?, is it lust? Or is it infatuation? Is it money?

First of all before going further lets just break those three things down. When it comes to lust, we are talking about how the trends and the media affects the way we value things and the influence that it has on our decision makings about what to wear as well as in term of relationships. For instance there is a stereotype in media that portrays a view of how a sexy woman or man looks like. However its just an illusion and something that media puts in our heads. Trust me we cannot believe everything that media says or put forward. The thing is that things are bigger that this and in one way or the other there is a hidden curriculum behind everything that they portray.

On the other hand we also have infatuation. Infatuation is just the feeling of feeling in love with someone even though you are not. There is a lot of aspects to take into consideration. It can be that you are sexually attracted to that person. It can also be that you live in a world of fantasy where you see that a particular person or it can be just that you haven’t found love yet. These are some of the factors that can bring you to get to a point where you are infatuated.

Next to these there is love. what is love? I always say that this in no such thing as true love but there is just love. It is either you love someone or you don’t. Honestly speaking i do not have a proper definition of what is love. All i know is that love is a force of nature that is bigger than us. For me personally love is about giving and receiving, sharing good times as well as bad times, trust, honesty and being faithful to one another no matter what circumstance we are in.

However what I’ve been thinking about lately is what really drives our world and societies those days? From my point of you i will say that the majority of our decisions whether in lifestyle, clothing’s, actions and relationship are based on lust nowadays. Lets say for instance you want to give your wife or girlfriend a nice romantic night. You will first and foremost take her out for a diner in an expensive restaurant, then you will lets say offer her a rose and all the other affiliations that come with romance. But how far do we want to do that or do we ourselves like that. We do it because we saw other people doing it and mostly how its done through media sources. Its something that we have subliminally indoctrinated with. Instead for me i would consider staying at home talking all night having an ice cream and sharing laughers is more romantic to me. No make up involved and you are just being yourself. This when it comes to relationship. When it comes to clothing it is even worse. We want to follow the latest trend or wear the most fashionable clothes we can afford because we want to look good or like the stars or magazine models. But does it really matter? Not really i would say. For me as long as its clean and im comfortable with what im wearing its all fine by me. No worries. We tend to be too fake nowadays with all the make ups and everything that comes with it. We tend to forget our core values and copy paste. We tend to forget what really matters and follow the trends. So, i always ask myself what is coming next to add some more fake and the truth is that nobody knows.

On the other hand we have also other media sources that are genuine and doesn’t carry us in that fake world. For instance there are some media sources that promote love for one another instead of doing like some other sources that are debating of racial issues. The thing is that those debates should not even exist. Because we are one race which is human race. And it just stops there. For me though i just tend to follow sports through media and connect with my friends. That is all i do. People around me always tell me that i have to watch the news and i would respond that i don’t need it. In the eyes of the society it can seem to be rude and immature but believe a lot of people don’t really watch the news. We just don’t know about that what is going on in peoples lives. But im not saying that media is a bad thing. It is a very good and useful tool that can help us in a lot of ways but the thing is just that we have to be selective into what to believe and what not to believe in. Its as simple as a hello.

Among all those three i would prefer to be driven by love though. Love would never let you down. Love will always result into a positive outcome. Love takes patience, genuineness, trust and dedication. Let’s spread some love people. Despite that we can be living in a crazy world i know that deep down we still got love for one another.

Finally, to be honest with you even to me those things are confusing but i try my best to be good, who i am and i try to be happy. After all what we are really looking for is love and happiness. Even though you have millions of dollars if u don’t have love and happiness in your life the money is useless despite that it is important. But be careful even though we say money is ours its not ours. Its not our face that is on that money its just that u need it in your life to provide you a comfortable life.