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Youth and Politics

I do not know what to say or think about politics sometimes. Yes! It is a very important institution in our society. But sometimes we take this thing too far. It is just too extreme. So many people are fighting and arguing because of political issues. Where will this lead us? Nowhere! As usual.

Politics has great power when being used properly. It will enhance the development of a country for sure until a certain point. But sometimes when i look at some people who are involve in politics, it just leaves me speechless.

Before going further, our society tend to go overboard while criticising and talking about a politician. But we still have to remember that a politician is first of all a mother, a brother, a son, a father and a sister. We have to at least give a minimum respect to those people who decide to come in front of the society and give a point of view. I know we that we live in a world where there is the majority countries that promote democracy as well as freedom of expression. I know we have to talk but please do respect these people.

But at first i have to say that this issue comes from far long time ago. There are certain politicians who were once in power. By then what happen was that people were sensing corruption. Was it something true? Nobody knows. When you have power, wealth and prestige in our society, you are unstoppable in a sense.

Nowadays when you ask about the younger generation about politics, most of us will say that we don’t care or we will say that politics is ugly and dirty. The reason why most of us will say that is simple. We have been growing up looking at the dirty sides of politics. Listening to the media point of view about the topic a lot. Media has the total power to destroy or encourage the growth of any institution of the society. We then say it is dirty because nowadays too many politicians change sides like they are changing their shirts. So this bring the following questions:

“are they working for the country or for their wallet?”

But now the faith of our countries depends on us who are the younger one. Do we want to live in a place that is not based on our ideologies? I do not think so! I am sure that all of us want a better future for ourselves as well as for our countries. We have the tool in our hand which is our vote. Let’s think wisely and vote nicely for the next elections.

I know that now a lot of you may be asking yourselves why am i talking about politics suddenly?

The reason is simple. The reason is that i want a better future for everybody around me and myself. You may say that it doesn’t matter to you but to at a least one person it matters and that matters to me. I do not mind losing in trying to do something good. I would feel bad if i do not try at all. I am not a politician, i am not a guru and i am not a social worker. I am just like all of you. I just want to share my point of view and maybe bring you to think about it.

I will not talk much about it because like most of you i do not fancy talking about politics and politicians but this does not mean that i am not watching and looking at what is going on around me. I am well aware. Our time will come to be brave and act. Our vote will count for the best of the country. No matter where your vote goes. The majority will win. And we trust one anothers’ decision as well as the people that will win.

I sincerely hope that these few words will really help you take a decision and a fresh perspectives about politics. No one is perfect but at least lets try to get close to perfection. Thank you